Inter Milan have won the Champions League, they’ve conquered the greatest trophy in European club football, breaking a curse of 44 years. The Champions League was the third and final trophy necessary for the famed treble which only 6 clubs have now done, including Inter Milan. And who led Inter to this glory? One man, Jose Mourinho, who saved Italian football, yet he could be gone for good from it… The final day of the season, Inter Milan win 1-0 over Siena to conquer their 5th Serie A title in a row. As the final whistle blows Jose Mourinho quickly escapes out of the stadium as the Inter team celebrates without him. An interview with him in the Inter Milan coach all alone, feet up on the seat in front of him, looking quite sad and melancholy. In the interview the arrogant and powerful Mourinho was gone, and instead all we saw was a man who was torn, torn between his prosperous Inter Milan team, and his future move which seems imminent. While he has always seemed heartless, cool, and calculating, for the first time we saw Jose Mourinho have feelings towards Inter Milan, which he will probably leave for Real Madrid this summer.

It’s the Champions League final, Inter Milan have just conquered a historic treble thanks to the tactical master-class of Jose Mourinho. We see the team celebrate, this time Mourinho is with them, smiling and in total bliss. We see Jose Mourinho hug and sing with the Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti, we see the Portuguese coach celebrate and cry with his coaching staff and players. So why would Jose want to leave? the rumors are that he will be going to Real Madrid, but why wouldn’t he remain and try to make history by winning the Champions League twice in a row? It could be because he despises the Italian media, but we have seen Jose smile and be happy in Milan. It’s strange to see a man be so happy, yet leave it all behind for something unknown.

So while some will say that Jose is gone for good, I saw something in his interview in Siena which might reveal his hidden feelings for Inter Milan. And if he wanted to stay, I’m 100% sure that the Inter Milan fans, players, and staff would all love him to remain with the club, and make history yet again.