Renowned soccer writer and broadcaster Guillem Balague recently spent time in Miami at Soccerex 2023 to talk about his career and Lionel Messi. Balague has a book about the captains of FC Barcelona coming out. Plus, he recently updated his authorized biography of Lionel Messi. Messi plays for Inter Miami in Major League Soccer. Therefore, the buzz that he is creating in the city is palpable. For example, Balague went to the ‘Messi Experience,’ which debuted during Soccerex.

In a video on Twitter Balague published, he documented his travels in the United States. Balague was the featured speaker at Soccerex. There, he had a lengthy discussion with World Soccer Talk’s Kartik Krishnaiyer. While Balague’s video does not have the full interview with Krishnaiyer, he does feature a one-minute snippet of the two’s chat.

That focused on Messi’s first contact with Balague. The journalist holds the distinction of writing the only biography of Messi the Argentine authorized.

“I went to the Messi family, and I said I want to book about Messi. They told me ‘No chance, no chance,'” Balague said. “Not only are we not going to help you, but we will not support any book. There have been some telling stories that are not true about Leo.”

Balague worked with the Messi family to tell the truth about Lionel Messi. Balague has been regularly updating the book since its first publishing in 2013. Therefore, the newest update of the book discusses Messi finally winning the World Cup with Argentina.

Guillem Balague sheds light on Messi moving to Inter Miami

Throughout much of the video, Balague catches up with other journalists in the soccer world. For example, he talks to Michelle Kaufman of the Miami Herald, Fernando Palomo from ESPN, Matheus Sanchez from WLRN in South Florida and more. With each, Balague asks what their career has been like since Messi moved to Inter Miami. He has been integral to promoting the popularity of Major League Soccer as seen with subscriptions to MLS Season Pass.

What is clear throughout Balague’s trip to Miami is that Messi has had a profound impact on the soccer scene. Not only was Balague’s discussion with Krishnaiyer about Messi the focus on the main stage. The Messi Experience made its debut. That shows Messi’s reach in the soccer world.

Balague still working with CBS on content

The Spaniard traveling to Miami is part of a busy schedule that he organizes. For many viewers in the United States, Balague is the sideline reporter at many of the biggest games in the UEFA Champions League. As part of his work with CBS, Balague has promoted the Stories of the Beautiful Game. Balague’s Destination: European Nights chronicles his travels across the biggest stages in European soccer.

Few journalists have the ability to capture a player, club or city like Balague. That is why CBS and Paramount+ have no fear of sending him across Europe to cover the game. For example, he was in Georgia to follow the background of Kvicha Kvaratskhelia during Napoli’s run to the Scudetto and the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League last season.

Still, his work with Lionel Messi stands out in an exceptional career.