Fox Soccer Plus, the new 24/7 soccer network from Fox Soccer Channel, will launch on DirecTV and Verizon FiOS on March 1, 2010.

In phone calls and e-mails with DirecTV and FiOS representatives with several EPL Talk readers, DirecTV and FiOS representatives have confirmed that Fox Soccer Plus will be available. One EPL Talk reader even shared the above screen capture (see above) which shows the FiOS programming guide with Fox Soccer Plus programming on the Setanta Sports channel (1009) where Fox Soccer Plus will launch Monday.

Another EPL Talk reader said “I just got a message on my Verizon FIOS set-top-box saying as of March 1st Setanta Sports Channel 1009 will become Fox Soccer+ and no games will be missed.”

As for DirecTV customers, DirecTV has added a page to its website explaining the monthly subscription policy (believed to be $14.99). And in communications with DirecTV representatives, many have confirmed that Fox Soccer Plus will be available beginning March 1 including one who said “As of March 1st all existing subscribers of Setanta will automatically roll over to [Fox Soccer Plus].”

In both the DirecTV and FiOS instances, it is not known at press time whether either Fox Soccer Plus will be available in HD although it appears unlikely.

UPDATE: DirecTV has confirmed that the March 1 indicated above will be the launch date for Fox Soccer Plus on DirecTV channel 621. The channel will be available in SD first, and HD in the near future.