Joao Felix joined Barcelona on loan from Atletico Madrid during the final day of the summer transfer window in 2023.

Despite his initial excitement and high expectations, Felix‘s performance during the 2023-24 season fell short of making a significant impact.

The Portuguese forward managed 10 goals in 44 appearances across all competitions. However, his form was inconsistent, leading to doubts about a permanent move to Barcelona.

The recent appointment of Hansi Flick as Barcelona’s new head coach has changed the dynamics regarding Felix’s future at the club. Marca says that the German has expressed his desire to have Felix return on loan for another season.

Flick believes that Felix, given the right conditions and guidance, could become a valuable asset to Barcelona’s squad. This endorsement has significantly increased the likelihood of the winger’s return to Catalonia.

Joao Felix may stay at Barcelona
Joao Felix may stay at Barcelona

Joao Felix may stay at Barcelona

Several obstacles to beat

Barcelona allegedly don’t want a permanent transfer for Felix due to their ongoing financial constraints. Any deal for Felix would likely be a second loan, with terms similar to those agreed upon for the previous season.

Atletico Madrid, who have no plans to keep the Portuguese ace for the upcoming season, might be willing to accept these terms to offload the player. This mutual interest could facilitate another loan agreement, making Felix’s return to Barcelona more feasible.

The Colchoneros are thus reportedly open to a second loan move for Felix, especially since they have no plans to reintegrate him into their squad.

This willingness aligns with Barcelona’s financial situation, which requires careful management of their wage bill and transfer budget.

The report adds that Flick is optimistic about unlocking Felix’s potential and improving his output. He sees Felix as a player who, with the right coaching and environment, can become a consistent performer for Barcelona. Felix’s previous struggles were partly due to adapting to a new system and inconsistent playing time. Flick’s belief in Felix’s abilities suggests that the forward could thrive under his management.

What did Felix previously say about his future?

The 24-year-old himself has previously expressed a desire to remain at Barcelona, citing his and his family’s happiness in Catalonia. He has indicated that the decision is not entirely in his hands and depends on negotiations between the clubs. However, his willingness to stay could play a crucial role in facilitating the loan deal.

“We’ll see what happens next year, my family is happy and I’m happy. I would like to stay but it doesn’t depend on me. The signing for Barca was the last day, there was nothing planned. I had to go to the stadium in the morning to unblock contractual issues that I had to renounce.

“It was either I renounced or they wouldn’t let me come to Barca. We will see what will have to be done to stay at Barca, many things can change, it doesn’t depend only on me”, he said in April.

Photo credit: IMAGO / NurPhoto