A soccer fan has paid around $2.6 million for a ticket to watch Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo face off. The match between Paris Saint-Germain and Saudi Arabian All-Stars is set for Thursday, Jan. 19. Players from Al Hilal and Ronaldo’s club Al Nassr will fill out the Saudi side.

Bidding for the VIP ticket supposedly started at about $260,000. However, Saudi businessman Mushref Al-Ghamdi eventually paid ten times this amount in the end. CNN reports that Al-Ghamdi is the general manager of a real estate company called AqarOne.

Pricey ticket includes incredible access to both Messi and Ronaldo

Along with the actual ticket to the game, the businessman will also get to meet Messi and Ronaldo after the match. In fact, post-game locker room access grants Al-Ghamdi the ability to meet and great with the entire PSG team. He will also attend a gala lunch, as well as the trophy presentation of the winning team for the friendly match.

Saudi officials claim that the money raised for the ticket auction will go to charity. Ehsan, the organization’s charity of choice, is wide-ranging non-profit that helps Saudi citizens in multiple ways. The charity aids economical, educational, and environmental work, as well as with health care.

Friendly will be first look at Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia

The friendly game on Thursday will be Ronaldo’s first time on the pitch with some of his Al Nassr teammates. Ronaldo joined the Saudi club last month. A suspension prevented his debut following an incident in England back in April. The 37-year-old departed Manchester United in November after he and the club agreed to a mutual termination of his contract.

Messi has not faced off against Ronaldo since a UEFA Champions League match in December of 2020. Ronaldo’s Juventus beat Messi’s Barcelona 3-0 on the night. Many consider the duo the sport’s top two players of their generation.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Nicolo Campo