It seems the planning, preparation and excitement for the World Cup is hitting it’s full stride as of late as we enter into the last two weeks of the Premier League season. In addition to more exciting news from EPL Talk to come soon, ESPN just released it’s World Cup guide on sale everywhere for $9.99, Jurgen Klinsmann has been added to the already fine ESPN roster of studio analysts, and now Rangers legend and assistant manager Ally McCoist is set for a co-commentator job alongside Martin Tyler for the whole of the tournament this summer in South Africa.

Tyler and McCoist will join Derek Rae, Adrian Healey and Ian Darke as match commentators (with more announcements sure to come).

The return of McCoist to TV, his first appearance since leaving ITV almost three years ago to join Walter Smith at Rangers, will only be seen by World Cup fans in ESPN’s American network. Good news for McCoist though as England’s opening round match against USA is sure to conjure massive TV audiences stateside that will most likely make him and Tyler household names.

Does this move of placing the Scot McCoist alongside the Englishman Tyler further infuriate patriot’s who believe an American TV commentator should in someway be involved? As seen on The Gaffer’s story yesterday, the German Klinsmann joins a list of impressive studio analysts a mile long, with only John Harkes’ name included as the lone American for match game analyst.

In my opinion, I think ESPN has made the right decision. I’m not entirely concerned where commentators are from, only that they’re good and bring something of interest and importance to the broadcasts. And let’s face it, there are some damn good British commentators available with plenty of world football experience. I don’t need an American there just because he’s American. I want ESPN to provide to me the best commentators the world has to offer, quality production and stunning HD – not place unqualified, inexperienced commentators on TV that would ultimately put ESPN’s credibility at stake.

As far as McCoist is concerned, I wish him the best. I’ve not heard his match commentary much before, so feel free to leave a comment letting readers of EPL Talk know what to expect if you’re familiar with his work.