Samuel Eto’o, president of the Cameroon Football Association, has been the subject of several legal issues during his tenure, the most recent of which are fresh accusations of match-fixing and threatening behavior.

In the last two years, Eto’o has faced several legal challenges, including a lawsuit in Italy brought by his daughter, who is 21 years old. Then the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he punched an Algerian YouTuber on camera. It prompted the former striker to issue an apology.

Then on top of this, he received a 22-month suspended sentence, after agreeing to pay a $1.5 million fine for tax evasion in Spain. While a FIFA investigation is continuing, The Athletic has reported new evidence linking him to a match-fixing incident in Cameroon.

Also, FIFA has not yet punished Eto’o for his ties to 1XBet as an ambassador. No national association head may have any financial or other relationship with a betting establishment. Doing so carries a maximum three-year penalty.

Henry Njalla Quan Junior accuses Samuel Eto’o of match-fixing

Now Henry Njalla Quan Junior, a former vice president of the Cameroon Football Federation, has accused Eto’o of rigging matches and influencing officials, even by calling them during halftime. In one play-off match, the official sent off two coaches and three players while also awarding two penalties to one team.

In what he calls “the most scandalous… in the history of mankind,” he claims that the ex-Barcelona star arranged a match between his academy and Kumba City FC. Allegedly, the Cameroonian leader also helped a team owned by Valentine Nkwain—a “close associate”—win promotion. Despite losing their first four games, Victoria United won eleven of their last seventeen, allowing them to advance.

According to The Athletic, they have evidence in the form of audio recordings and communications that support their assertions. The Cameroonian FA has also leveled accusations of match manipulation against Njalla.

What did Eto’o say?

The report adds that the relationship between the two later soured, and the retired 42-year-old ace ordered the delivery of a threatening note. The text was as follows:

“I am a mafia of this revolution, and in this specific mafia, we do not betray our leaders. I have protected the interest of our mission to date. However, if you f**k with me be ready to carry the load of the circumstances.”

The CAF, or Confederation of African Football, is also looking into the matter. An inquiry into Eto’o’s alleged inappropriate behavior is already underway, according to the Federation. As a result, there have been demands for FIFA to remove the 42-year-old from his position as President.

Adding to the slew of scandals involving Samuel Eto’o is the rumored recent altercation with Manchester United shot-stopper Andre Onana. They benched the goalie for their pivotal group-stage match against Gambia.

The Daily Mail stated that the two parties have not communicated since their row at the 2022 World Cup. The goalie, Onana, was sent home after an argument with Cameroon manager Rigobert Song at the World Cup. But this year’s AFCON was the last straw, and the Manchester United star was benched due to the rift.