Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, made the assertion earlier this week that Real Madrid are often favored in La Liga and that others are not treated fairly, leading Carlo Ancelotti to respond, citing the Negreira case.

In the previous matchday, Los Blancos were down 2-0 after the first 45 minutes. However, with the help of three instances of VAR, they were able to turn it around and win 3-2.

“On Sunday it could have happened but in a very clear way that game in the Bernabeu was re-refereed from the VAR and all the decisions that were made were contrary to those that had been made by the referee.

“Man, we are seeing that an instrument that had to help them, the VAR, is not helping them. It is kidnapped, as mistreated based on pressures that our rival is carrying out continuously and constantly. It is no longer punctual but that for a long time these pressures have been taking place that are bearing fruit. Because the decisions are all favorable to this team.

“We are concerned. Football is about improving, especially in the LaLiga. In our case we have recovered the injured and we want to stay alive in competitions in order to win them. And we also obviously expect a puncture or a stumble from our rivals and thus cut distances.

What did Joan Laporta say of VAR?

“And I believe that the VAR, which is an instrument that comes to help the referees, is being converted. This is due to the misuse that is being made of it, into a problem. I say it and I don’t like to go victimizing, but it is a commitment that we have with justice and sportsmanship.

“It is a commitment that the club has when it comes to recognizing the complicated work that the referees have. For me, the role of the referee is the most difficult in the world of football after scoring goals.”

What did Carlo Ancelotti say?

In the latest development in the feud between the two clubs, Whites boss Carlo Ancelotti has retaliated against Barcelona over officiating standards. The Italian has been quite forthright during his second tenure in the Spanish capital.

Despite the press’ incessant inquiries over the Negreira case, the 64-year-old maintained an air of quiet respect throughout. But the experienced tactician now thinks the president of the Blaugrana has finally gone too far with his remarks.

“I don’t like to get into this kind of controversy. There’s been a lot of talk this week and I think the same as I said before. We don’t have to divert the issue, everyone knows what has happened in Spanish football over the last 20 years.

“That’s the problem of Spanish football, not the league being adulterated, because it isn’t. Spanish football has had a problem and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the Guardia Civil are carrying out investigations and we have to give them time and patience”, he told the media this weekend.

It seems that Laporta’s remarks have not gone over well with anybody, not just Ancelotti. According to Cadena SER, a few of the referees are now calling for the Barca main man to face official consequences from the Spanish FA.

On Real Madrid TV, there has been a constant tendency that Laporta is referring to as ‘pressure’. In the days leading up to matches, they allegedly often make films slamming referees.

The TV channel suggest that they are biased in favor of their opponents. But since Real Madrid TV is carried by an independent media firm, their actions cannot be legally enforced.

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