Over the last several weeks, Gio Reyna leaving Borussia Dortmund has once again been the topic of conversation.

The Borussia Dortmund star just officially joined Jorge Mendes’ agency after leaving his previous one, sparking more speculation. Wasserman had previously represented him.

There have been whispers for weeks that the American midfielder is considering leaving Dortmund and signing with a new agency, perhaps to facilitate a transfer. However, Transfermarkt has now legally recorded the agency change, although the confirmation did not come until January 10.

Big decision: Should I stay or should I go?

Despite his best efforts, Reyna has only managed one competitive start this season under Edin Terzic. So far in the 2023-24 season, he has played 318 minutes over 11 games without scoring a goal.

The US national team star is already in a precarious position. But the addition of Jadon Sancho on loan from Manchester United has only made matters worse. So, he has to make a decision: keep impressing until June or seek a contract extension.

At some point, he’ll have to start all over somewhere else. His current deal ends in 2025, and the club would be foolish to let him go for nothing. Thus, it seems that a January move away is the way to go for everyone involved.

Jadon Sancho’s return to Dortmund will mean even less minutes are available for Gio Reyna
Jadon Sancho’s return to Dortmund will mean even less minutes are available for Gio Reyna

Jadon Sancho’s return to Dortmund will mean even less minutes are available for Gio Reyna

Reyna has had to settle with playing out wide, a position he isn’t much fond of. Given that the player sees himself as an attacking midfielder, he is understandably irritated when assigned to play wide.

Considering how versatile he is while playing, it’s puzzling that the 21-year-old doesn’t see more action. His passes are more accurate and have more of an impact than the team’s current offerings.

Borussia’s assistant coach Nuri Sahin reportedly had nothing but praise for the youngster. As a result, Sahin should have some say over Reyna’s overall minutes played over the next months.

La Liga calling for Reyna

Real Sociedad is allegedly courting the Borussia Dortmund star for a loan. Looking to bolster their roster for the next season, La Real are actively recruiting new players. Their preparations for their Champions League knockout round campaign are underway.

Amidst reports that their transfer pursuit of former Real Madrid winger Marco Asensio has stalled, the Basque side is reportedly aiming for a repeat performance in the top four of La Liga.

Basque news site Noticias de Gipuzkoa reports that La Real is considering Reyna, who are looking to take advantage of his inactivity this season.

During the winter transfer window, Socidead sold Mohamed-Ali Cho to Nice of France for a permanent transfer. As a temporary fix, they consider Gio Reyna to be his successor. Consequently, they are only prepared to agree to a loan transfer for the American, with no buy option whatsoever.

The American superstar is clearly no longer an integral part of Dortmund’s ambitions, and he has the opportunity to find a new team during the January transfer window. Failure to do so would put him in the same pre-Copa America position of declining status within the USMNT.

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