A Derek Rae interview is up next in World Soccer Talk’s Show ‘n’ Tell series.

In this third episode of the series, World Soccer Talk’s Kyle Fansler sits down with the commentator to talk all things soccer and his career calling the game.

Derek Rae Interview

Soccer fans across the world can recognize the famous Scottish voice of Derek Rae. Getting into the industry at a remarkably young age, his career includes a number of remarkable games at the club and international level.

Currently, soccer fans hear his voice on LaLiga or Bundesliga broadcasts. Officially, Derek Rae is a freelance commentator. However, he does frequently work with ESPN for their LaLiga coverage. Additionally, he loves the Bundesliga. Therefore, he is often the voice on the English-language world feed.

Other than a glamorous career and in-depth knowledge, fans know Derek Rae’s voice for one reason in particular. His pronunciation of names and clubs allows him to stand out amongst other commentators. Rae, a language expert in his own right, researches how players pronounce their names or how their country or language or origin pronounces the name. Then, he uses that information in his calls to provide the most accurate and fair commentary possible.

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Also, Derek Rae took over as the voice of the FIFA video game franchise in 2018. One of the most popular video games in the world, Rae uses his knowledge acquired in the real world and applies it to the virtual world.

In this Derek Rae interview, he explains his reasoning for all that.

Some of the other topics discussed include:

    His thoughts on pronouncing player names
    The advantages of being a freelance commentator
    How a background in language helped him in his broadcast career
    His memories of calling Champions League games on ESPN
    What it was like calling the greatest Champions League final ever
    Which World Cup has been the most memorable for him out of all of them since 1990
    His thoughts on the biennial World Cup
    Commentating the mother of all club derbies in the world

Of course, he also shows off a couple of items collected throughout his time in the industry. Matchday programmes and a CD of a certain game are just a few of the things the commentator displays for the audience in this episode.


The SHOW ‘N’ TELL series from World Soccer Talk allows viewers to see a new side of members of the soccer media. Undoubtedly, these broadcasters, podcasters, writers or former players/coaches have things from their career that many would consider extremely rare. It could be a certain kit, a matchday program, a boot or frankly any kind of collectible.

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