Former Barca star and coach Johan Cruyff (Photobucket)

“I can imagine that he is not going to be involved in football matters.  I don’t know about construction and he doesn’t know about football.  It is obvious.”

In an interview with Cuatro, Johan Cruyff came up with yet another witty line when it came to criticizing former Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez.

“(Real Madrid) are trying to reorganize from the top because that is what is missing.  If it does not work at the top it will never work at the bottom,” said Cruyff.

The former Barca idol and coach is known for not holding back an opinion on any football topic and he was not shy about sounding off on Florentino’s ability to lead.  “He does have enough football knowledge to make decisions.  Others have to take them.  That is why he needs other people to make the decisions for him.  That is the case of the people around him knowing about the game, not him.”