Don’t miss our Christian Polanco interview with the one half of The Cooligans Podcast.

In this edition of World Soccer Talk’s Show ‘n’ Tell series, Kyle Fansler chats with Christian Polanco.

Christian Polanco interview

Polanco is a stand-up comic and a soccer podcaster. Originally, he wanted to get into stand-up comedy with soccer not being on his mind. However, as is the case with many soccer fans, the sport slowly became a major part of his life. Eventually, he and co-host Alexis Guerreros started the Cooligans. This podcast is soccer-oriented, but puts it in a comedy frame with additional discussion on other news or noted from culture at large.

Polanco and Kyle Fansler talk about his career going from simply a stand-up comic to a soccer podcaster. He tells of the journeys provided through the soccer media world and how it took him to Europe on multiple occasions.

Then, the guest displays a handful of items, often relating to his travels. For example, Polanco displays a trophy earned in Europe as part of a trip with other soccer journalists. And yes, it was earned. Polanco knows there are no participation trophies.

The Cooligans started as NYCFC started up, allowing Polanco to support the new club. He brings out a jersey signed by a number of players and a certain current-Premier-League manager.

Due to his diversity in terms of his activities, Christian Polanco appears on a number of different outlets. In fact, he and Guerreros recently moved the visual side of the Cooligans podcast to a designated TV program on fuboTV. According to Polanco, it is practically a visual representation of the podcast.

For those interested in finding Polanco’s work, check out his Twitter, the Cooligans Twitter, or the fubo Sports YouTube channel.


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