Chelsea’s season reached a new low with the recent 3-1 loss to Arsenal. In a way, this was a changing of the guard in London. The ascendant Arsenal battered a Chelsea squad breaking barriers in regard to futility. New ownership and continued investment have led to a putrid product.

For the third time this season, Chelsea is going through a familiar ritual. Executives are contacting the agents for high-profile managers like Julian Nagelsmann, Mauricio Pochettino, Carlo Ancelotti and more.

The club needs a major reworking, that much is clear. This is not just in players but in almost everything. Attitude, culture, you name it. It all needs a rethinking. The best way to kickstart this process is to do something different with your managerial hire. Skip the usual process and bring in a smart manager who knows how to win. Yet, this manager comes from a different pedigree than the usual suspects.

Fortunately for Chelsea, that person has an office across the hall.

Could Chelsea take on Emma Hayes as its men’s manager?

Emma Hayes would be a bold hire for Chelsea as manager. Hiring the first woman manager in the Premier League alone takes vision. Then, you would also be hiring someone who lacks the experience and prowess of many of the men in talks for the job. Her experience as a manager is exclusive to the women’s game. Regardless, Hayes has two major advantages that make her a legitimate candidate for the job.

First, her record at Chelsea on the women’s side is undeniably good. She has had success both domestically and in Europe. The past few seasons saw both her and the club win numerous awards. For example, Chelsea is a five-time winner of the Women’s Super League, including the last three. This season could be the fourth. Also, Hayes led Chelsea to four Women’s FA Cups, including the last two. Yet again, Chelsea is still in the running to win a successive title in that competition.

Hayes is aggressive in the transfer market. Then, she integrates talent into her system and transitions those who are no longer a fit out of the squad.


The second advantage is her training. She was mentored by Vic Akers, one of the best managers in women’s soccer. Hayes spent time in the United States building clubs and learning how to run a club in the early days of women’s professional soccer in the States. Finally, her career includes time working in currency exchange, a practical business knowledge many managers lack but has skills that translate well to aspects of being a modern manager.

We could talk tactics and how, based on her past management, she would use various people on the current roster. Truthfully, she would be a good fit because she knows the game and her hiring would send a message that Chelsea is going about things in a new, more creative way. The Blues could do what they are doing now, but it’s obviously not working. They might as well look in-house where they have one of the country’s best managers already under contract.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Pressinphoto