The Bundesliga is bringing an app so that fans both at home and in the stadiums can be more in line with VAR decisions as they happen. Even though the app is coming in 2024, the planning and implementation phases are underway. Former Bundesliga referee Jochen Drees wants fans to avoid the confusion fans have when VAR officials make decisions.

“The gold standard should simply be that stadium visitors and television viewers see the same images in VAR situations,” Drees said, according to Kicker. “The fan in the stands should be on the same level as the television viewer.”

Currently, stadiums across the world simply say that a VAR review is underway. Oftentimes, fans at the ground and at home have no clue which play is under review. The Bundesliga must iron out how fans can access these replays.

“Among other things, it’s about exploiting rights. And the system has to function perfectly in the stadium,” Drees said. “If stadium visitors then only look at their smartphones, that wouldn’t be productive.”

Drees identified both legal problems and which platform would best suit allowing fans to see VAR reviews. In any case, the Bundesliga desires more transparency. The Premier League and Serie A have both debuted postgame shows that delve into controversial VAR discussions and communication.

VAR app will bring clarity for Bundesliga fans

A live connection for fans can allow them to understand what is happening. However, there are immediate concerns over connections. Droves of people joining one network in close proximity could make the connection slow and, consequently, ineffective. The video boards in stadiums at least afford the possibility to see the pictures of reviews. College and NFL games in the United States do this for fans at games.

The service is coming out in 2024, and it could be revolutionary for how VAR communication goes public in the soccer world.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Beautiful Sports