A soccer financial expert says that business people in Brazil are becoming very concerned about the financial growth and rising popularity of Major League Soccer, and fear that it will soon overtake the Brazilian top-flight league, the Campeonato Brasileiro.

In a recent exclusive interview with World Soccer Talk Radio, soccer journalist and broadcaster Tim Vickery (who lives and works in Brazil) shared his insight regarding issues that are plaguing Brazilian club soccer, as well as how MLS is causing some independent experts in South America to marvel at the growth of Major League Soccer.

“The business-minded people here in Brazil are beginning to become very concerned about the rise of Major League Soccer.

Amir Somoggi, who’s perhaps the leading specialist in [soccer] finance, published an article earlier [last] week saying that it’s not going to take very long before our Brazilian clubs are overtaken in financial terms by MLS, and have been overtaken in terms of international importance.

“These are real warning signs.”

Vickery pinpointed the 1-7 defeat for Brazil against Germany in the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi-final as an example of issues at the national level, but also discussed how disappointing results by Brazilian clubs in the Copa Libertadores as well as poor scheduling and low attendances are impacting the club game.

“MLS has only been on the radar screen [in Brazil] comparatively recently.

“I used to annoy people, a few years ago now, by pointing out that average crowds in MLS were higher than average crowds in the Brazilian first division.

“In the last few years, they’ve seen the rise of MLS. Unfortunately the people who are concerned about this are not the people in positions of power. They are independent pundits.

“That comes across in Somoggi’s article, which says that because of America’s efficiency and Brazilian’s incompetence, they will soon overtake us. So this is yet another warning shot that Brazilian football is falling badly behind.”