Watch the video of Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez who has launched a blistering attack against Sir Alex Ferguson in a Liverpool press conference early Friday morning.

This will definitely start a war of words between Rafa and Fergie, and expect plenty of sparks to fly in the coming days and leading up to the March 14 match between both sides at Old Trafford.

The timing of Benitez’s attack is interesting especially given that Manchester United plays Chelsea on Sunday in what is essentially a must-win game for both clubs to close the gap with Liverpool.

Benitez’s tirade in the video begins after the Liverpool manager pulls out a piece of paper with alleged facts criticizing Fergie about his fixture schedule complaints and the hypocrisy regarding treatment by referees.

What do you think? Is Benitez spot on with his accusations? And who will ultimately be victorious? Just when we thought the Premier League season couldn’t get more interesting, it has.