Barcelona hopes to collect significant sums from the sale of old seats at Camp Nou in order to address its widely known financial difficulties.

Xavi Hernandez’s side is currently undergoing a significant renovation project at its historic home ground, Camp Nou. As this iconic stadium, which has stood for over six decades, transforms, the club is exploring opportunities to generate revenue from some of its aged components.

Camp Nou holds a treasure trove of cherished memories for Barcelona fans, presenting them with an invaluable opportunity to preserve a significant portion of the rich history. Additionally, this initiative stands to assist Barcelona in addressing the persistent financial challenges it has grappled with for several years.

Following the conclusion of the previous season, the Blaugrana initiated the renovation of Camp Nou. For the first time in over 60 years, the club must play its home matches away from this venerable stadium.

Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys in the Montjuic neighborhood of the city, is the current home ground for Barca’s home games. Following years of deterioration, its renowned residence, Camp Nou, was in desperate need of reconstruction.

Barcelona must move out of its stadium for extended period

Since the demolition work began, the stadium has taken on an entirely new appearance. Les Corts’ land has been reduced to nearly nothing. Now, it is a building site. The Catalan side shared a computer-generated video on social media that previews the finished design of its $1.6 billion residence.

Barcelona will be away from its historic ground for several years while it updates.
Barcelona will be away from its historic ground for several years while it updates.

Barcelona will be away from its historic ground for several years while it updates.

The memories from Camp Nou are not exclusive to local fans. Instead, they extend worldwide. Therefore, Barcelona can address its severe financial concerns during a necessary time. Simultaneously, it offers fans the opportunity to safeguard the rich history of the club.

“The Spotify Camp Nou has been the stage for some of the greatest feats in football history. Take home a small part of our club: your seat from the Spotify Camp Nou. A unique piece, available in three designs. It’s time to help the club continue to achieve new milestones, ensuring that everything we’ve experienced at home lives on forever in your home”, says a statement on Barcelona’s website, adding that the merchandise is available to supporters via the official club shop.

How much are seats from Camp Nou going for?

Along with a piece of debris from the demolition, they are offering the chairs in three distinct styles. The seat found in a chair with a design is the costliest of the three designs. It costs $317 to purchase the seat cum chair.

At $105, the seat fixed on a black base is the least expensive style. The seat with a wooden frame is the alternative style, and it costs around $127. Two sets of dates are available for purchase on the website.

From October 26 to November 12, Barcelona’s paying members can purchase seats. Non-paying members who wish to purchase seats, however, will have the opportunity to do so from Nov. 14 through Nov. 27.

Barcelona stated all club members would get the opportunity to bring home a memento from the stadium construction began. Barcelona already started selling grass fragments torn up during renovations at Camp Nou.