Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola named Arsenal as the best team in the Premier League this season. The reigning English champions have only lost one league match, but they are still behind the Gunners in the table.

“We have made an incredible season, [Arsenal] have been better,” Guardiola said during his usual Friday press conference. “We want to be there as close as possible to them but the season is so long. Many things will happen, many tough games.”

Reporters also asked Guardiola if Arsenal could remain at the top of the table and challenge for the title. “Compared to previous seasons, that’s for sure. They will not be the only ones. Last season they were not a contender to win the Premier League, this season they will be,” proclaimed Guardiola.

Pep Guardiola gives Arsenal rave reviews

The City boss also spoke about Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta being his previous understudy in Manchester. “Mikel, we worked together three years but he was taught since he was born and has experiences in England. Maybe I learned more off him when we worked together,” claimed the coach.

“Arsenal has the work ethic, the talent, the support. Mikel had the bad moment in the beginning, but people see how he works every day, the commitment. He’s patient, all the managers want time to build something. Arsenal have given it to him, the rest is the position they have.”

Patience the key for Arsenal

While many Premier League clubs have their coaches on short leashes, Arsenal have given Arteta time to adapt and grow. The Gunners finished eighth in Arteta’s first full season in charge at the club. They then only missed out on a top four place by two points during the 2021/22 campaign. Now, Arsenal’s officials are being rewarded with their patience.

Despite Arsenal’s current place in the standings, Arteta has remained solely focused on the match in front of the team. “I’m not here to give opinions on that,” stated Arteta on his team’s title chances. “What I want to do is finish as high as possible and play as well as possible.”