Wrexham mania doesn’t seem to be slowing at all just yet. The Welsh club’s matches have become essentially must-watch TV for many Americans. After all, the team has had an incredible 2022/23 campaign under the ownership of Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. Wrexham claimed the National League title and will now compete in League Two next season.

Not only are people tuning in to the club’s games on TV, but American fans are traveling to Wales, as well. Humphrey Ker, the team’s executive director, recently spoke about the phenomenon.

“To be honest with you, one of the things I’ve been most astonished about during this process was how welcoming they’ve been,” Ker explained to SportsPro about how the locals are handling the influx of Americans at Wrexham.

Club’s pub is selling record number of pints to Americans

“I mean I spoke to Wayne Jones, who runs the Turf Pub… he gets 60-70 Americans in the pub a day,” Ker continued. “People in Wrexham, at the moment, they love all these new fans. Because I think there’s a combination of two things: one is if you love something, you often have an affinity for someone else who loves that thing. It’s a shared passion. And the other thing is that these people are coming in and revitalizing the town.”

Ker also confirmed that Turf Pub sold 23,000 total pints of beer last Saturday. This coincided with Wrexham’s victory over Boreham Wood. The win officially helped clinch the National League title and earned Wrexham automatic promotion to League Two.

Interest in Wrexham should continue to grow

Wrexham’s popularity could even continue to grow from here. The competition will certainly improve in League Two next season, which makes for a much tougher schedule. The club is also currently renovating Racecourse Ground. These alterations will help add 5,000 more seats to the arena’s capacity. After renovations are complete, the club can sell up to 15,000 tickets each matchday.