Wrexham A.F.C have started demolishing part of their famous Racecourse Ground stadium. The Kop is set to be replaced with new seating and will add around 5,500 seats to the capacity. Plans to update the arena were previously approved back in November.

Games still selling out despite renovation

Even though demolition is on going, Wrexham played its most recent match at the Racecourse Ground on Tuesday. The Red Dragons won the game, 2-1, to help close the gap on league leaders Notts County. Wrexham are sill currently three points behind the Magpies. However, the Welsh club has played two fewer matches.

Attendance at Racecourse Ground for the game still reached 9,807. This was technically a sell-out considering the alterations taking place at the stadium. Normal capacity of soccer matches at the arena is typically around 10,000. Following the completion of the new stand, Wrexham will be able to sell around 15,500 tickets for matchdays.

Wrexham Kop end has been an issue for years

The club and their fans have wanted to replace the Kop for years now. Reports suggest that the stand has essentially been falling apart for over a decade. New owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney were, however, finally able to get the deal done to make the renovations.

“The derelict state of the Kop, has long been an eyesore and we hope that by the start of the 2024/25 season, it will be brought back into use, with another 5,500 fans able to watch games live, as well as providing a superb backdrop for those watching on TV,” the acting duo previously said in a joint statement on the issue.

Along with being the home of Wrexham, Racecourse Ground will now attempt to host Wales national team matches as well. The stadium previously held Wales international matches in the past, but the dilapidated state of the Kop had prevented games from being presented in Wrexham in recent years.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Sportimage