During the twelve months plus of the Coronavirus pandemic, I did what a lot of people did. I spent more time at home. I bingewatched too many shows on streaming, and I made sure my family was as protected and healthy as they could be. Yes, for the most part, soccer matches continued, so I watched those. I also worked every day running World Soccer Talk.

That was all good, but I also did something I’ve been meaning to do for years. I went through my box of old soccer trading cards and stickers that I’ve had in my storage space. The stickers and cards were mostly from the 1990’s. Many of them weren’t organized very well, and I had forgotten what I had, and what was missing to complete some of the collections.

So when I got bored, I went through and organized my collection. By doing so, I got the bug. The soccer collecting bug. I started buying soccer trading cards from eBay. I traded stickers with collectors from around the world. This went on for months. In doing so, I was able to complete several of my collections. At the same time, I started several new collections, getting into many of the different soccer trading card products from Topps (Museum Collection and Topps Now) and Panini (Obsidian, Mosaic and Chronicles).

One of the soccer trading card collections, in particular, piqued my interest — Panini’s Premier League Prizm for the 2020/21 season featuring a wide range of collectible cards from the twenty English Premier League teams.

To show you what the cards look like, I recorded the following video to share with you.

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