Univision Deportes to Kick Off 24/7 Coverage of World Cup 2014 On June 9


To coincide with the World Cup beginning June 12, Univision has announced details of its 24/7 coverage of World Cup 2014 that will beamed across the United States. Along with airing all the 64 matches in the competition throughout their networks, Univision Deportes will begin live coverage of the tournament in Brazil starting June 9, providing analysis to preview the World Cup.

Univision Deportes promises viewers a more intensive World Cup experience than they ever had before, through first-ever 24/7 coverage of the tournament, including live broadcasts of 56 matches, informative and entertaining World Cup specials, new morning and nighttime shows devoted entirely to the FIFA World Cup, and daily special editions of the network’s regular sports commentary programs, airing live from Rio de Janeiro. Univision Deportes will have original and/or live programming for 17 consecutive hours a day, from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. ET, highlighted by extended live pre-game shows for each match, with “Fútbol Club Desde Río” serving as the first live show each night to recap the action from each day. All live coverage will originate from Univision Deportes’s three set locations in Brazil.

Below is a guide to the original programming that will be provided during the tournament on Univision networks.

“Súper Estadio Brasil” (Brazil Super Stadium) Monday to Sunday at 8:00 a.m. ET/7:00 a.m. CT/5:00 a.m. PT — This unique morning show will report daily up-to-date news and information live from Rio de Janeiro.

“Fútbol Club – Desde Río” (Fútbol Club – From Rio) Monday to Sunday – For times, please check local TV listings or visit UnivisionDeportes.com — Using the latest technology, Edgar Martínez, Felix Fernández and Hristo Stoichkov will host special guests as they analyze, debate and discuss everything that’s happening in Brazil, on and off the field—twice a day.

“Fútbol Central – Edición Mundial” (Futbol Central – World Cup Edition) Monday to Sunday – For times, please check local TV listings or visit UnivisionDeportes.com — A pre-game report detailing everything fans need to know before each live match.

“Copa Mundial en 30” (World Cup in 30 minutes) Monday to Sunday – For times, please check local TV listings or visit UnivisionDeportes.com — Fans will be able to watch 30-minute versions of the two best matches of the day.

“Copa Mundial en 60” (World Cup in 60 minutes) Monday to Sunday – For times, please check local TV listings or visit UnivisionDeportes.com. Fans will be able to watch 60-minute versions World Cup matches.

“Previo de la FIFA” (FIFA’s Preview Show) Monday to Sunday at 7:30 a.m. ET/6:30 a.m. CT/4:30 a.m. PT — An exclusive FIFA show looking ahead to the day’s action.

Airing on Univision Deportes and Univision Network

“República Mundialista” (World Cup Republic) Monday to Sunday at 12:00 a.m. ET/11:00 p.m. CT/9:00 p.m. PT — Special guests join Univision Deportes talent to bring fans the World Cup in a fun and entertaining way, live from Brazil.

“República Deportiva – Edición Mundial” (Sports Republic – World Cup Edition) Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00 p.m. ET/1:00 p.m. CT/11:00 a.m. PT — Hosts: Fernando Fiore, Felix Fernández and Lindsay Casinelli. The ever popular sports show airs live from Rio de Janeiro during the World Cup.

Airing on Univision Deportes and Unimas

“Contacto Deportivo” (Sports Contact)
Monday to Sunday at 11:00 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. CT/8:00 p.m. PT — Hosts: Alejandro Berry and Jorge Calvo. The nightly sportscast will air live from Rio de Janeiro for the duration of the World Cup.

Coverage on Univision Network entertainment shows

“Despierta América” (Wake Up America)
Monday to Friday at 7:00 a.m. ET/PT (6:00 a.m. Central) — Co-host Alan Tacher, along with reporters Maity Interiano and Orlando Segura and social media correspondent William Valdés, will bring viewers lots of entertaining segments live from Rio de Janeiro.

“El Gordo y La Flaca” (The Scoop and the Skinny)
Monday to Friday at 4:00 p.m. ET/PT (3:00 p.m. Central) — Co-host Raúl de Molina and reporter Carlos Calderón will be stationed in Rio’s famous Copacabana area to bring viewers the latest entertainment gossip surrounding the world’s biggest sporting event.

Airing on Galavision

“Copa Mundial en 60” (World Cup in 60)
Match dates – 8:00 p.m. ET/PT (7:00 p.m. Central) — A re-broadcast of the day’s best match.

6 thoughts on “Univision Deportes to Kick Off 24/7 Coverage of World Cup 2014 On June 9”

  1. This is really cool stuff! Any word on what the actual schedule of the games and on which networks they will be airing? (I don’t have cable….)

    1. What I meant by “I don’t have cable….”: I don’t get ESPN, ESPN 2, Univision Deportes, or sometimes even WatchESPN/ESPN 3, so Unimas and Univision are my main source for games.

  2. Are the games on Univision’s website free? Or do we need a subscription as we do with Watchespn?
    I remember Univision World Cup games were free in 2010. Fingers crossed it will be the same this time around.

    1. The games on Univision’s website, up until the quarter-finals, are free. From the quarter-finals through to the final, you have to authenticate to prove you’re a TV subscriber to Univision Deportes in order to gain access to the Internet streams.

  3. My wife, who is Latin American, and I have watched Univision programs for a long time, but its World Cup coverage has to change in one important way: do not allow Fernando Fiore to provide any commentary about the soccer games. Actually, cancel him out of any type of public presentations. He is racist and arrogant, and begs the question, why does Univision tolerate his behavior? By any other U.S.-based news media standards – except yours so far – he would have been fired long ago.

    I’ve seen only a few of his commentary segments, but that’s enough for me. During the 2006 World Cup games, he mocked and mimicked the Chinese players by making fun about how the Chinese language sounds – right on international TV!! He laughed at how Chinese words sounded, with around two other commentators. I couldn’t believe it. And just yesterday during the 2014 World Cup, Tuesday, July 8th, after the stunning Brazilian defeat by Germany, he hosted a segment that in part, showed images of how Brazilians expressed their pain for the loss. One of those images was of Pele, whose face was full of anguish. Well, leave it up to Fiore who mimicked Pele’s face and thought it was funny by “speaking for him”, and saying “I’m not Brazilian, I’m from Ghana”, laughing as if the soccer legend was saying this and hiding shame behind his skin color. If Pele ever saw that, I’m sure he would agree with me: Fiore has to go.

    That is disgusting, and I told my wife, we are not watching Univision anymore until those in power at Univision do something to correct Mr. Fiore’s behavior. I dare you to look up the filmed tapes of these incidents, shouldn’t be too hard to find, but you will see I am not lying. We live in the U.S. and travel to Latin America a lot, and will not keep quiet about his behavior. Many of our associates feel the same, especially among younger viewers. We like Univision in general, but its tolerance for Mr. Fiore and his racism can change this. It’s as if your company supports racism and thinks it’s OK.

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