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Arsene Wenger’s Tactics Are Hindering Arsenal’s Success

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In general, there are two types of managers or head coaches. One follows a philosophy no matter what the talent on the squad looks like, while the other switches their ideas to fit the side they are managing. Arsene Wenger … Continue reading

After Wasting £107M Of Gareth Bale Money, Tottenham Have 3 Defeats to Arsenal to Show For It This Season

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In the summer, Tottenham Hotspur had a legitimate chance of building a team to battle for a spot in the UEFA Champions League while elevating the club to become a contender in the Premier League. With £80million in the bank … Continue reading

It’s Now or Never For Arsenal’s Mission to End Its Almost 9-Year Trophyless Streak

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During Arsenal’s now almost nine-years since the club has won a trophy, the squad has lost in an UEFA Champions League final, two League Cup finals, and hasn’t come close to winning the Premier League. Thankfully for Gunners fans, though, … Continue reading

What the World Cup Can Do For Leo Messi’s Place in History

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What can the World Cup do for Leo Messi’s legacy in soccer? In a recent interview with The Sun newspaper, Messi’s Barcelona teammate Xavi gave his take on the subject.”Leo doesn’t need to win the World Cup to be considered … Continue reading

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich: Which Pep Guardiola Side Is Better?

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The first season Pep Guardiola managed FC Barcelona in 2008-09, his side became the first Spanish squad to accomplish the continental treble. Currently in his first year at the helm of Bayern Munich, the Catalan native is on pace to … Continue reading

Premier League Managers Can’t Contend With Jose Mourinho’s Mind Games

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On Friday, Jose Mourinho called Arsene Wenger a specialist in failure. This is definitely not the first time the Portuguese manager has said something controversial about the three-time Premier League winner. Who could forget the “voyeur” comment from 2005? The … Continue reading

Can Atlético Madrid Beat Barcelona?

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Since Valencia won La Liga 10 years ago, the title has since switched between El Clásico rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid. With the league having resumed after the winter break, Atlético Madrid are tied with Barcelona with 49 points at … Continue reading

Arsenal 2-0 Cardiff: Late Goals Help Gunners Maintain First Place [VIDEO]

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Arsenal began the New Year holding onto their top spot in the Premier League after defeating Cardiff City 2-0 to stay a point up over Manchester City. The Gunners came into the match without four key members in their squad … Continue reading

Why Franck Ribery Deserves to Win the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or

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With the ceremony to crown the best player in soccer in January, many are wondering if the award will go to the right athlete. Before the 2013-14 season started, the favorite to win the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or was Bayern … Continue reading

Heading into a New Year, Bayern Munich Is Still The Team to Beat

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Despite replacing their treble-winning manager and letting go of a potent striker without replacing him, Bayern Munich go into 2014 arguably stronger than ever. When the Bavarians decided on January 16 that Pep Guardiola would take over for Jupp Heynckes … Continue reading

Underappreciated Wayne Rooney Deserves Respect For 150 Goal Achievement

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Against Hull City, Wayne Rooney scored a sensational goal to become the second player in Premier League history to score 150 goals with one team; the first is Arsenal legend and current New York Red Bulls striker Thierry Henry. The … Continue reading

Arsenal Go Top Of The Table After Second Half Surge Leads Gunners to Victory

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Arsenal defeated West Ham 3-1 United at Upton Park today and won their first Premier League match in their last five appearances, moving back to the top of the Premier League table — at least for a couple of hours, … Continue reading

Arsenal Still Need Depth In Attack to Compete For Trophies

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Jose Mourinho’s streak of staying unbeaten against the man he once famously described as a voyeur continued Monday night as a 0-0 stalemate occurred at the Emirates Stadium. The contrast of how both teams play along with the rain affecting … Continue reading