World Soccer Talk Announces Launch Of a Brand-New Soccer Book For EPL Fans

World Soccer Talk is proud to announce its publication of a brand-new book that’s written specifically for fans of the world’s most popular sports league, the English Premier League.

Written by World Soccer Talk Senior Writer Kartik Krishnaiyer, Blue With Envy charts the meteoric rise of England’s top-flight soccer league through the eyes of an American soccer fan that fell in love with the game in the early 1980s during the “British Invasion” when many players and teams from the UK began playing in the United States.

Blue With Envy: My American Journey With Manchester City has three main threads running through the book. First is the aforementioned growth of the English game in the States. Second are the ups and downs of Manchester City’s rise from nearly falling into bankruptcy in the early 80s to reaching the dizzying heights of being the richest team in the world. And third is the evolution of how watching English soccer from thousands of miles away has evolved from the days of FOX Soccer and ESPN to the 380 live games a season offered by NBC Sports.

Whether you’re a Manchester City supporter or not, Blue With Envy offers plenty of first-hand stories that you can relate to as a soccer fan in the States. Read Krishnaiyer’s fascinating account of how his friends in political circles looked down on supporting soccer, and how the sports culture in the United States changed to where it’s now trendy to watch the beautiful game. Plus Krishnaiyer discusses the turning point of when watching the Premier League changed in the United States from being an underground culture to a mainstream viewing audience.

Starting today, Blue With Envy is available to purchase as an eBook for $4.99. Professionally published, the book is highly recommended for soccer fans, and is available for the Amazon Kindle, Nook, as well as in several other formats including PDF, txt, etc, and is now available in iBooks for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can also download the first few chapters for free via Amazon Kindle or Smashwords.

A lifelong lover of soccer, Kartik served from January 2010 until May 2013 as the Director of Communications and Public Relations for the North American Soccer League (NASL). Krishnaiyer previously hosted the American Soccer Show on the Champions Soccer Radio Network, which was streamed on Live365. His soccer writing has been featured in several media outlets including The Guardian and The Telegraph. Kartik is a senior writer for World Soccer Talk.

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