WATCH Did Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez Dive to Win a Penalty Against Villa? [GIF]

With Aston Villa leading 2-1 at Anfield in the second half, Liverpool striker Luis Suarez had a one-on-one opportunity to score against Villa with goalkeeper Brad Guzan rushing out to try to stop the shot, but Suarez went down in the box and the Reds were awarded a penalty kick, which Steven Gerrard calmly slotted into the back of the net.

But should the penalty have been awarded to Liverpool? Did Guzan make contact with Suarez, or did Suarez dive to win the penalty for the Reds?

Watch the GIF below and then share your opinion in the comments section below.

33 thoughts on “WATCH Did Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez Dive to Win a Penalty Against Villa? [GIF]”

  1. Agreed. It’s a dive, but if Guzan doesn’t dive in so enthusiastically he doesn’t force the trailing referee to make such a difficult decision. UTV!

  2. Guzan’s momentum did not help. He did touch Suarez and any player would have fallen. The referee thought it was a penalty! End of story! No need to speculate whether he dived or not because throughout the game Suarez had been clean!

  3. My take for what it’s worth:

    Don’t believe there was any contact BUT I would expect any striker worth anything at all to do the same in those circumstances – what the hell on earth Guzan was doing out that far is beyond me. He handed it to Suarez on a plate.

    Luis is a player you love if he’s on your team and I realise he’s got plenty of history to make people dislike him… but today? That’s just a standard part of today’s game. Januzaj, Oscar, Young, Valencia… it’s hardly a Suarez-only trick.

    1. I agree that Guzan had no business being that far from goal, but to say “any striker worth anything” would take such a blatant dive in the situation is homer-ific.

      1. Wrong. Just about every striker does it, not just those mentioned by Paul. Shane Long is an expert at falling over when being brushed in the box, yet people never go after him.

    2. Unless its against LFC in a pivotal game i bet. There is NO excuse for the continual diving, its just wrong, its cheating, the fact there was contact does not mean its a penalty either.

      The game is going to s**t for sure if that even comes sloes to being argued as a penalty, same as Guzan coming out, he has every right to come out and challenge for the ball and yes even make contact.

      No where isn FIFA law does it say that a goalkeeper can’t challenge for a ball but NOT make contact.

      Sterling, Suarez, Sturridge all full on consistent cheats, that is the reality. Villa deserved the 3 points. I remember the posts from LFC fans on this board when Man Utd did it at Anfield…completely diff reaction.

      is wrong and fans accepting it b/cit benefits them is a slippery slope.

      1. If the keeper goes for the ball that far out, he might want to actually get the ball. If the player gets the ball (as Suarez did), there’s no hope for the keeper and it’ll be a pen all day long.

        Nothing worse in this type of situation than self righteous fans of other teams coming out in full force. Fact is, it’s a fickle game and if a player on your team got you a pen you’d find yourself not having much to say. If any striker didn’t go down in that situation I’d be shocked.

  4. I think Luis just found out that if he falls only occasionally he is more likely to get the call. It seems to me he has been staying upright a whole lot more. He may actually be getting smarter.

    If I’m a ‘Pool fan, “That’s my boy!”

  5. Watching fanzone and studio guest stoke city keeper “begovich” says It was clear dive and the ref should have booked suarez. Didn’t watch the game but looking right now i agree that was no where near penalty atleast liverbool didn’t win the game.

  6. If you watch this carefully, you will see that Suárez makes no attempt to plant his left foot. In fact he lifts it. It’s a dive

  7. I realy wonder some times what some people are saying liverbool funs aroud the world are claiming it was penalty and ref should have awarded another penalty for macuna’s handball. Is this a support or?

    1. and you are the person who, with the first comment in the gameweek 22 thread, was complaining about pochettino not speaking english? real nice.

  8. I realy wonder some times what some people are saying liverbool funs aroud the world are claiming it was penalty and ref should have awarded another penalty for macuna’s handball. And it was dive! Is this a support or?

  9. Gary Linekar has also said it was not a dive and that because there was contact it was a penalty.

    In real time it looked a certain penalty which is what the official saw as well. The replay showed that the contact wasn’t as strong as it looked in real time.

  10. Yep! Delseby.nothing else frustrates me only time consuming if yu watch his pre match talk today just before the match stars it takes four minutes to complete his interview because there was two persons that were speaking him and his translator. and compare gus poyet which was 1 and 20 second. And he has been here 1 year. For me its astonishing!

    1. Gus Poyet started playing in England for Chelsea in ’98. He’s old school.

      Not saying Suarez shouldn’t learn the language, mind.

  11. Don’t let the dive take anything away from a poor mediocre Liverpool performance which shows exactly why they’ll not get top 4.

  12. The key is his left leg. Watch the left leg. There is no explanation for the folding of that leg. Without the left leg folding, there is no reason for the right leg to stop running. Easy to determine here in slow motion, but obviously difficult in real time so I don’t blame the officials. However, contact does not necessitate a foul just because it occurred in the box.

  13. Shearer: ‘Well he didn’t pull his arms away because his arms are out there. But the contact wasn’t with his arm – it was actually Guzan’s right foot onto Suarez’s right knee. And that’s what the contact was there for. And I don’t expect Suarez to jump over that.’

    Lineker: ‘It’s a totally different thing to getting no contact and flinging yourself on the floor.
    Shearer: ‘Absolutely right then it’s a blatant dive. That wasn’t there, was contact. No dive. And a penalty.

  14. When the keeper comes out and goes towards Suarez ,Suarez touches the ball and they are both moving in the same direction where the keeper actually ties to tilt his body away from Suarezs legs ,when he does this Suarezs then dives.Very clever but cheating and the camera replay should have been used.

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