Referee Dropped From Next Weekend’s Premier League Matches After Newcastle Controversy

Referee Mike Jones, who was at the center of the controversy regarding the disallowed goal by Newcastle United’s Cheick Tiote yesterday against Manchester City, has been dropped from this upcoming weekend’s Premier League matches.

Jones refereed the match between Newcastle and Manchester City, but incorrectly made the decision to disallow Tiote’s goal after discussion with the assistant referee. Jones thought that the shot had been deflected, Newcastle manager Alan Pardew told the media, but match replays showed that the goal should have stood.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has been reminded of his responsibilities by The FA for his outburst against Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini, but Pardew will not be fined or banned as a result of the incident. Pardew apologized to Pellegrini yesterday.

Despite Jones being punished for a human mistake, the controversy has raised questions about the offside rule in soccer and whether it should be abolished or simplified since match officials are being asked to do more than ever before in terms of determining whether players are interfering with play when in an offside position or not.

What’s your opinion? Should the offside rule in soccer be changed, or is it fine the way it is? Have your say in the comments section below.

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21 thoughts on “Referee Dropped From Next Weekend’s Premier League Matches After Newcastle Controversy”

  1. Should go back to old interpretation.. If your off when the ball is kicked Your offside… No more in the line of sight or interfering in play .. That’s too much for a linesman to evaluate in a split second .. So in the old days Tiiote’s goal would have been an easy decision — Offside


    1. I have argued that since yesterday when this happened. This call under the current rule was 50-50 honestly. But the old rule was simple. It was based on the assumption that the keeper, in this case Joe Hart had to account for the player in an offside position. Hart didn’t lunge for the ball, again an assumption because the thought Gouffran may play it. But it is true he had no chance to save that shot. So again we are operating under assumptions.

      Two other goals worth watching since the rule chance was the 2006 World Cup goal scored by DaMarcus Beasley vs Italy for the USA which was disallowed and the 2013 goal by James Milner vs Manchester United where Carlos Tevez was in an offside position yet the goal stood. In that case the official determined Tevez had no bearing on DeGea’s attempt to stop Milner’s shot.

      All very subjective and that’s why the rule needs to be clarified. I know many want more goals and this rule was changed for that reason, but honestly I agree totally with Cantona. Take this decision away from the official and go back to the old rule. It is simple and it is most importantly CONSISTENT.

    2. Lets look at it from the keepers point of view. From Joe Harts standing position to stop the flight of the ball at that angle you would have to dive left at a 40/45 degree angle which is where the Newcastle player is standing, therefore interfering with play and supported by the fact that he had to move away to avoid the ball striking him.

  2. •The offside law states If an attacker interferes with an opponent by either preventing them from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision or movements or making a gesture or movement which deceives or distracts an opponent, then they are offside.To me the movement of the attacking player nearest Joe Hart distracts him

    1. The ball was travelling so fast all Joe Hart could do was a brief reaction as it thundered past him. No player distracted him.

  3. This is so simple: Institute instant replay.

    It took American Football a long time to figure out that the most important thing is to GET IT RIGHT!!!!

    Does it slow down the game, YES! But will it be finalized correctly, Yes! And would you rather the game slow down a bit and get it right, or would you rather leave an impossible task to the refs who are only human? It’s the 21st century guys!

    1. American football is so stop start it’s boring (sorry Americans but that’s my opinion!). Rather keep things as they are and roll with the punches of occasional crap calls. We’ve managed fine from the First Division days up to now.

      1. The reason American football is so start stop is because the networks need to put all the damn commericals in to make money to pay the league. Games from the early days of the NFL were over in 2 hours as opposed to the 3+ hours today because they didn’t have all the TV timeouts.

  4. Cantona is right–if you are offside, the goal shouldnt count.
    How hard is that?

    More goals, who cares. Stay onside next time.

  5. If the player that was offside had not moved after the shot was made the ball would have hit him. Since he moved after the ball was hit in his direction one could argue that he interfered with the play. Still the FA has decided that the goal should have stood and have dropped the referee from officiating.

  6. I agree. Offsides no matter what, no goal.

    Terrible day that ref had, the blatant foul by Mbiwa, should have been straight red. Now Nasri is out for 8 weeks, dumbass Mbiwa.

  7. Offside should be allowed since the number of players either sides is the same, secondly,even the whole pich is ment for every player to rotate in, finaly if ur oponent fails to mark u at the time u score agoal when offside its up their team. Thats why i say offsiders should be let free to score.

  8. Two video reviews per game, one each team. Captain or coach get to choose as to when. No more than that. Based on what I have seen you really don’t need any more than that.

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