Watching Premier League Soccer On NBC Sports Live Extra App for iOS: Review

With the launch of the new Premier League season on NBC Sports, I had the opportunity today to give the NBC Sports Live Extra app a test drive both at home and on the road.

After remembering how bad the NBC Olympics coverage was on mobile devices, I had some trepidation. However, I was hopeful that the NBC Sports Live Extra app for iOS devices would be an improvement for the Premier League soccer games.

I was running the app on an Apple iPad 3td generation with retina display, iOS v6 on my home Wi-Fi and an Apple iPhone HotSpot connection. I also tested the app on an Apple iPhone 5 with retina display, running the beta version of iOS 7 with a 4G LTE connection.

Here’s what I uncovered on my travels today:

7:40am ET, at home — I wanted to give the NBC Sports Live Extra app a test run with the Liverpool-Stoke game just to see how well it would work under optimal conditions, connected to my home WiFi.  It stumbled early for at least five minutes. The app loaded but the game wouldn’t stream. I read a few message boards and saw that others had the same issue. After a hard reset of both my iPad and iPhone, the app ran smoothly.

I watched the first half of the game and experienced no hiccups. However, I did note one issue. There was a one minute lag from the iPad to the TV.  Liverpool scored their goal on TV before it showed up on my iPad.  This is something I’ll need to make a mental note about because there may be times when I switch to a different part of my home, switching from watching the game on my TV to a mobile device and vice-versa.

Before the next part of my journey, while waiting on the train to leave, I had the Liverpool-Stoke game on my phone and the picture was crisp and clear.

10:15am ET, on the Metro — While waiting for the train again, I removed my phone to watch Sunderland against Fulham (Jozy Altidore is on my fantasy team), while switching back and forth to Arsenal versus Aston Villa, too. I noticed that even though the app loads quickly, it sometimes takes close to a minute for the match to begin broadcasting due to buffering. Even after my train finally arrived, I hit a few dead spots where I couldn’t get a cellular signal, but due to the buffering, the app still gave me approximately two minutes of soccer before it stopped. It’s worth knowing that the app gives you a size-able buffer in case you need to relocate to get a signal.

11am ET, at my local soccer pub — Arsenal supporters filled my local pub today, and judging by the looks on their faces, they weren’t too pleased.

I was curious about the Sunderland-Fulham match, so I used my iPad to pull up the game via NBC Sports Live Extra. While doing so, four people took notice and immediately downloaded the app so that we were all able to watch the matches we wanted.

The video quality was very consistent. After buffering for approximately 1-2 minutes, the game loaded, and I then had no issues watching the game on a 4G connection in a crowded bar. There were zero hiccups or losses of signal. I even tried the Apple iPad with my iPhone acting as the hotspot, and still there were no issues.

Overall, the NBC Sports Live Extra works like a charm on iOS devices. The streams are crisp, while the audio is just as good as what you’d hear on television. If you’re a fan of the Premier League and you live in the United States, this is a must-have app that allows you to watch matches for free (as long as your TV provider has agreed a deal with NBC to provide access).

The strangers I ran into in the crowded soccer pub were equally impressed by the app.

Hopefully this will incentivize beIN SPORT to improve the availability and quality of their beIN SPORT Play app.

Here’s a brief video demo of the NBC Sports Live Extra app in action in my local watering hole:

If you’ve used the app, please share your feedback in the comments section below.

Editor’s note: The app review is for iOS devices only. We’re aware of the issues that Android users have experienced when trying to watch Premier League matches via NBC Sports Live Extra for Android devices.

33 thoughts on “Watching Premier League Soccer On NBC Sports Live Extra App for iOS: Review”

    1. I am going to check tonight to see if that happens. I do believe that part of the deal is that they will allow people to replay matches on the device. I will get back to you on this tomorrow or Monday.

      1. For this weekend, only one match is supposed to be available on demand. NBC will expand this to more matches as the season progresses.

        1. I just checked my on demand queue for comcast and all the games are available in HD for replay except for manu vs swa game.

  1. “… (as long as your TV provider has agreed a deal with NBC to provide access).”

    My TV provider is Time Warner Cable. Sigh.

  2. I am very disappointed to see NBC sports will not be broadcasting the Barkley’s Premier Review Show (highlight show). In April this year NBC indicated they would be. The review show produced in England is the best highlight show bar none. No chatty studio commentators, no endless nonsense talking, etc. Fox Soccer always broadcast the review show on Sunday at 5 pm Pacific time. Also if you miss an BPL(EPL) game live on TV, unlike fox, NBC is not reshowing it due to all the other things they have to show. BTW as a point of info, not all of us have smart phones or tablets to use apps for NBC app. Already miss Fox soccer.

      1. Thanks. What idiot at NBC decided to put the show on at 2 am and on Tuesday, 2 days after games are over. Typical.

        Thanks again for the info. To Philz, I only stated that I miss Fox Soccer because NBC is not a dedicated Soccer (football) channel and as we see they are already doing things that in some ways limit or alter watching the BPL.

        1. NBC has a 2-hour review show tonight at 11pm ET (for all of the Saturday games) as well as a review show Sunday night at 11pm for the Sunday games. Why not give them a chance first?

          Dedicated soccer channels on TV are dead except for GolTV. The times have changed — for better or for worse — depending how you look at it.

          1. Thanks. I don’t care for those types of review shows with studio commentators. The BPL show is strictly highlights – no fuss no muss. In the studio shows one has to listen to the endless so called “experts” go on and on and give their opinions. I dislike those kinds of shows. I didn’t watch them on FOX, I don’t watch them on ESPN or Bein sports or any of the others sports channels. Too much yacktie yack. Just wanna see highlights.

            Pure highlight shows like BPL review may not be the future especially in the USA but I don’t care for the studio experts/commentators banter. Very annoying.

  3. The app worked flawlessly on my iPhone but like a previous comment said, the android app is broken as all hell. I couldn’t even get signed in using my new Nexus 7.

  4. My experience with the iOS app,was pretty positive. As you indicated in the post it seemed to be frozen at the start of the Liverpool game but after that it worked well. I was impressed with the video and audio quality and also with the speed with which you could switch between games.

    I too hope they will make more games available on demand.

    This has been a great day for fans of the EPL in the States.

      1. Hmmm. Now why would I go through all that trouble just to prove a point to you? Take my word for it or dont. But I watched Man U v swans today on my phone. With the app. If it doesnt work for you maybe you should upgrade your phone. The Note 2 is a monster under the hood and can handle some things most phones cant.

  5. Worked fine on my iPad2 at home. Had trouble last year with the Olympics so I was worried. I was out during the Mau U game and did check in on my iPhone 5. It worked fine but not the best of pictures over the 4g connection.

  6. The Android version worked fairly well for me (Samsung Galaxy). It crashed and I had to restart my phone the first time, however after that all of the matches loaded seamlessly.

    I watched United vs. Swansea and also New York vs. Philly on Live Extra and it was a great experience all round.

    I had to pinch myself. I never would have imagined I would have free streaming of soccer on several devices. I love it. NBC is doing amazingly well so far!

  7. I am not a cable subscriber but in using the Live Extra app on Android (Droid RAZR M), the app absolutely blows chunks. It is one of the poorest-performing Android apps I have ever seen.

  8. Question please for those with app issues: when the app failed were you still able to stream from the NBC Live website via tablet/phone browser or were you completely without access? For example, the Fox Soccer 2 Go app did not work on our droid gadgets but streaming from the 2Go website, as if on a pc, did so we had remote access w/out the app.

    Will also try to borrow a mates login so I can give Live a go before switching providers (from twc).

  9. This mission is bulls**t. The nbcsports app link goes to a page about the olympics. Fios cannot even get me the overflow channels although NBCSports are part of my package – in fact Fios personal have never heard of the term overflow channel, until I told them, and for the most part do not know the difference between soccer and NFL. some bimbo was trying to get me the Sunday ticket, which is Direct TV programming, instead of PL.
    I will miss PL games because some tech has the freaking IQ of a pile of spunk.
    I will be pounding sand this Saturday because some spotty little Fios gimboid has not basic educational skills. Prats!

  10. NBC Live Extra no longer works on my first generation iPad. It needs iOS 6 to operate as of today, and my 4-year old device can’t upgrade to it. Drag. Annoyed.

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