NBC Poster Campaign: EPL Teams As New York City Boroughs & Neighborhoods [PHOTO]

The advertising campaign by NBC Sports to promote it’s Premier League coverage continues to win plaudits with videos, billboards in Times Square and subway cars. And now, NBC has taken to the streets of New York City with a street poster that shows many of the NYC boroughs and neighborhoods matched up with Premier League teams.

The visually jarring poster will definitely stop New Yorkers in their tracks to figure out what the poster means.

Looking more closely at the poster, the New York City boroughs and neighborhoods are:

The Bronx — Sunderland

Staten Island — Newcastle United

Queens — West Bromwich Albion

Lower East Side — Norwich City

Brooklyn — Cardiff City

Lower Manhattan — Chelsea

Tribeca — Southampton

Soho — Crystal Palace

East Village — Tottenham

Gramercy Park — Fulham

Midtown East — West Ham United

West and Central Village — Arsenal

Chelsea — Everton

Midtown West and Hell’s Kitchen — Manchester City

Upper West Side — Liverpool

Upper East Side — Manchester United

Morningside Heights — Swansea

Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights and Harlem — Hull City Tigers

Yorkville — Stoke City

Long Island — Aston Villa

As someone who loves New York City but always gets lost on the subway system, the above list looks pretty good. Personally, as a Swansea City supporter, I would have relegated Cardiff City from Brooklyn to New Jersey, but that’s my personal bias getting in the way.

If you were to improve the NBC poster to move Premier League teams into more appropriate NYC boroughs and neighborhoods based on the type of team they are, how would you re-arrange them? Post your suggestions in the comments section below.

Photo credit: @tienmao.

52 thoughts on “NBC Poster Campaign: EPL Teams As New York City Boroughs & Neighborhoods [PHOTO]”

  1. Swansea seems more Williamsburg- out of Manhattan but a little boutiquey

    They did nail Arsenal and Tottenham dividing the Village

  2. Also tomorrow morning at 5am pacific NBC sports is replaying spurs v man utd from last season, it doesn’t say if its OT or WHL either way, I’ll enjoy it!

  3. So is NBC only going to show EPL games in NYC? All the ads have been in The Big Apple. No love for Chicago, Seattle, San Fran, Miami?

  4. the way that nbc is treating the product is awesome… but what still puzzles me is the kick off times. will america get used to 10am (7am pacific) games enough to justify their investment? and im not even talking about the 7.45amET (4.45amPT) single games

          1. For the US market, a British kick-off time of midnight would help a US prime-time 7pm ET kick-off time, which is unrealistic.

            Ideally a 7pm UK kick-off time on a Saturday or Sunday would be great for the US market (2pm ET kick-off).

            But for Asia, they love the early kickoffs because that ends up being primetime there.

    1. Yorkville is the cheap part of the Upper East Side. It’s where the sorority girls fresh out of college live so they can say they live on the Upper East while searching for a frat boy who works in finance.

      But, according to this map, since they aren’t just a sliver on the east side of ManU, this would actually make Stoke East Harlem (which is also known as Spanish Harlem).

    2. Yorkville is not a shthole. It’s an affordable section of the UES (which is astronomically expensive). So by NO means ‘cheap’ especially when comparing to Stoke.

      1. Just asking because Stoke is a dump compared to most places, I guess they haven’t done their research locating us somewhere decent. Wherever’s rough in NY will do.

        Apparently Baltimore’s a similar city to Stoke in terms of prosperity, roughness etc.

        One of my favourite chants in Valencia was rather than …. Is a sh!thole I wanna go home, ‘Stoke’s a sh!thole, I’d rather stay here!’

  5. Living on Staten Island and the wife being a Mackem (Sunderland lass), the thought of the Maggies (Newcastle) being in our neck of the woods is horrific. Just had to put smelling salts under the Duchess’ (wife’s) nose!

  6. Gaffer was this your first official sly little dig at Cardiff FC? You have our blessing to wind up the Cardiff fans at every opportunity this season.

      1. So would like to see Cardiff stay up so you have the rivalry to look foreword to each season or are you the type that would rather see them suffer.

        Me personally I want all our big rivals to be in the top league just so we get to play them twice. I miss the rivalry with Leeds Utd.

        1. I’d rather see them suffer. The games between the two clubs are too tense both on and off the pitch. There’s nothing positive about the derby other than winning, and the fact that there are two Welsh clubs playing each other.

          1. There will be hell up between these two on and off the pitch. It’s bad enough when the South Wales sides play the Bristol teams nevermind each other. A truly vicious rivalry.

            I don’t think you can really understand it until you’ve been in and around it. Smaller provincial areas such as Bristol, the East Midlands and Lancashire have some very tasty and tense derby games.

            Leicester played Derby a couple of seasons ago and a frozen pigs head went through one pub window!

            1. Most definitely. But luckily they haven’t played each other much lately. But when they do, there’s such a large police presence that the fans are segregated, so skirmishes are rare. The away supporters are only allowed to travel to the game on official club buses or trains, which are heavily guarded by police.

    1. It’s meant to be a joke. I actually love New Jersey. My wife is from there, and the state is certainly underrated.

      1. The southern half, at least.

        There is a reason why you only need to pay tolls on the bridges when leaving New Jersey, because no one would pay to go to New Jersey. :^P

        1. Western New Jersey is beautiful. Lots of farmland and beautiful valleys, which remind me a lot of Wales where I’m from.

  7. the low down Just cos it’s a busy thread and some of the usual suspects are around thought I’d point out that my season ticket turned up today. It seems an age since I last sat in a stadium. Dunno if I’m looking forward to it or not. Disappointed that Shea’s out for a month. Another reason why I have no time for international football.

    Some decent rumours about signings we’re close to. Anyone give us the low down on Agudelo?

    We’re rapidly turning in the United States of Stoke City. Apparently we’re linked to an LA Galaxy defender too now.

  8. jtm will be chuffed today, Forest win away and Notts County lose.

    Nice to see Millwall tonked – perhaps they ought to try rugby instead. It works for my team.

    Watford look impressive. Some cracking scores in leagues 1 and 2 also.

  9. As a Norwich City supporter and as someone whos lived in Norwich as well I have to say I disagree with City being the lower east side. Simply because it has a history of being a mainly immigrant area. Um, obviously NBC hasn’t visited Norwich because even though it makes me sad to say, its 90% white. Thats not an opinion that is a fact Norwich is one of the least ethnically diverse places in the UK (excluding the UEA of course)

    1. Good win for the Tractor Boys today ay?

      You are a wurzel, a dirty wurzel
      You only sing when you’re making hay!
      You’re dad’s a scarecrow, you’re mum’s a nympho, ooh aar, ooh arr, ooh arr:-P

  10. I like the marketing tactics so far but the glut of it seems to be centered in New York for what is supposedly a national channel. It would be nice if they can center their marketing around the whole country and not just New York. The Premier League doesn’t just take place in London either.

    1. They began a banner advertising campaign today, so you’ll start to see NBC ads on the soccer sites you visit.

      To do a street marketing campaign in New York is more efficient than trying to do one in select cities across the USA. Plus even though the advertising is being done in NYC, we’re all talking about it — so it works.

  11. The name that stands out a mile on the poster is that of League Creators, Aston Villa. Is Long Island known as the birthplace of anything? If so it’s pretty much the perfect match for The Villans.

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