Premier League vs Bundesliga: Comparison of Ticket Prices [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many of us have heard the arguments. The Bundesliga is better than the Premier League because the tickets are cheaper, the attendances are greater and the league is more financially secure, etc.

Instead of talking in generalities, the folks at the website Supporters Not Customers have created an infographic that crunches the numbers and shares these eye-opening revelations:

Share your observations and feedback about the numbers in the comments section below. The president of Bayern Munich definitely makes a lot of sense.

H/T @Janusz Michallik.

14 thoughts on “Premier League vs Bundesliga: Comparison of Ticket Prices [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. WOW that was eye opening never would have guessed the EPL was so over priced.How do you ever get the pendulum back a little closer to the center.the EPL is like the NFL both have priced the average fan or family out of ever going to matches or games.would like to see how the money breaks out and pays the bills tv,tickets,sponsorship,souvenirs and concessions.very eye opening.

  2. There are plenty of mitigating factors in the pricing…should they be cheaper YES absolutely…but it’s not as simple as a straight up comparison… What’s Bayerns income compared to Dortmund or anyone else in the league that matter…

    I agree with the statement from the Bayern chairman…. But the bundlesliga doesn’t attract the best players, Bayern do.. The rest grow their own and outside of Dortmund what other teams in Germany would beat the top 10 in the BPL over 2 legs?

    1. Honestly I think a 2-leg series pitting the top 10 in Germany v the top 10 in England would not come out well for England.

    1. The Oil can be likened to the local drug dealer…sell the first hit cheap. Then when they get hooked…watch the price rise.

  3. This speaks in terms of most expensive/least expensive, etc, but when you look at the price of the average seat the numbers for PL v BL are much more comparable than what would be suggested here.

    I saw a chart last year that put Dortmund and Bayern pretty well in line with Arsenal and Tottenham when looked at that way. League-wide, things were very similar between the two leagues from top to bottom.

    Without having the numbers in front of me, my recollection is that the German clubs got more people in on the lower end of the scale but that the tickets in the mid-range were actually a bit more expensive than in England (thus bringing the averages as a whole more into line.) Maybe splitting hairs, but important to note I think.

    I happen to be a big philosophical proponent of the Bundesliga model in general, I might add. Barn door open/horse gone as far as having that in England, though.

  4. The business model of football has always been *sses in chairs…liken it to baseball. Now with the TV money growing ever larger, one presumes that the gate receipts go toward players weekly pay packets, while the TV money goes to the business of the club.
    The era of footy being the ‘peoples’ game appears over.

  5. Also keep in mind that the grounds are generally larger in Germany.

    Monchengladbach would be 3rd in the EPL in seating capacity, I think, but there are at least 6 BL clubs with bigger grounds.

    So supply and demand. England with the far higher worldwide level of interest, smaller grounds on average. C’mon, of course ticket prices are going to be higher.

    London prices versus prices in Dortmund? Apples and oranges as far as cities, economic conditions of same go.

    Don’t get me wrong – as a football fan I love what the Germans are doing. I’ve scheduled a 3 week vacation this August just to go see matches there. But to imply that they are all universally saintly and have no motivation other than to get fans in on cheap tickets is a bit disingenuous.

    1. Marc L
      what matches are you hoping to catch? Sounds like a good time German beer and live Bundesliga i am sure you will have a great time.

    2. London is wealthy but Sunderland, Stockport County, Liverpool??? I have also been to Germany many times and there country is more wealthy generally than ours and has successfully navigated the economic downturn. London aside, our country hasn’t,

    1. Thats the result of a sheik smart ass. Take him out the equation and how would city pay for Fernandinhos signing.

  6. It’s worth pointing out that some of the info may be a little out on ticket prices. I’ve paid £349 for my adult season ticket at Stoke for the past 6 seasons. According to the info above this isn’t possible.

    Besides that I wish that we could see similar prices and attitudes towards fans as there is in Germany.

    We have the FSF fighting for us but it’s a losing battle:

    I suppose that’s where the Against Modern Football campaign comes from, those of us who remember the leveller playing field pre-sky. Though I would argue their glasses are a little rose tinted.

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