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Clint Dempsey Could Join Liverpool If Adam and Spearing Exit Reds: The Nightly EPL

The links are tenuous, but Liverpool Echo reporter James Pearce tweeted tonight that if Charlie Adam and Jay Spearing are sold to Stoke City and Bolton respectively, this will allow Liverpool FC to finally sign Fulham attacking midfielder Clint Dempsey. There’s a lot of ‘if this then that’ tied to the story, so we’re not basing it on a lot of fact, but if Adam and Spearing are sold, it certainly increases the chances of Dempsey going to Anfield.

It should be a very interesting next 48 hours to say the least.

Meanwhile, there is a TON of news today including transfer-news-a-go-go. Here are the headlines:

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14 Responses to Clint Dempsey Could Join Liverpool If Adam and Spearing Exit Reds: The Nightly EPL

  1. KK says:

    This transfer window has been a rollacoaster for LFC fans, and especially for we American Red fans. We have searched for every tidbit of info. we can find on Duece’s status for over a month now.
    Inside information has steadily told us Clint is coming, but with the mainstream media throwing around incorrect news it has been somewhat tedious.

  2. jdoe says:

    Fulham actually looks like better place to be right now…

  3. abimbola says:

    make liverpool sell adam and spearing to buy dempsey we don’t want them in our squad again then be like anti virsu to dat team i sure let them go away

  4. Joe says:

    Michael Owen may be a better choice.

  5. Jerry says:

    Liverpool want to send Adam and 1 or 2 fringe players for Dempsey and Fulham are interested as they need a central midfielder with Dembele and Murphy no longer at the club. However, Adam does not want to move south. If Liverpool can sell Adam and another player to other clubs for 7-8 million they could then buy Dempsey with an offer of 7-8 million. With Lucas out for 3 months Spearing may stay as cover unless Liverpool receive an offer they cannot refuse.

    Tomorrow will be a crazy day for transfer activities all over and it will be no different at Liverpool with Carroll leaving as well. Who will Liverpool buy with the Carroll money will be interesting.

    • Ed says:

      I don’t think Liverpool need Spearing as cover. With the current formation, a true defensive mid, which Spearing is supposed to be, isn’t as crucial (though the team certianly is better with Lucas there). You have a handful of guys who can win the ball back and retain possession. Spearing also wasn’t particularly good in that role anyway. I like the flexibility provided right now in the center with Gerrard, Allen, Shelvey, and Sahin.

  6. Andyb says:

    Its a shame to see Dempsey take such a small jump up after what was an unbelievable season.

  7. Jake says:

    dempsey has been linked alot to sunderland as a back for liverpool falling through. he shouldnt want to come to us, and i personally (being an american sunderland fan) dont want him.

  8. dust says:

    Allegedly it will be Dempsey to Sunderland, what is the point of that move? hardly an upgrade is it….blew his chance for a legacy… perhaps Rob Stone and Wynalda will shut up now when its done, poor advice form his agent..behaves like a poor professional to force a move…to sunderland…

    • The Gaffer says:

      I second the notion that I’m sick of the inside jokes between Wynalda, Barton and Stone about Dempsey and his agent, and Wynalda’s close contact to player and agent.

      The Gaffer

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