Poll: Will You Be Watching the Old Firm Derby On Sunday On FOX Soccer?

Last weekend, FOX Soccer Plus debuted the Scottish Premier League match between Dundee United and Glasgow Rangers. But that was a mere dress rehearsal for the biggest clash of the season this weekend, which will feature Celtic against Rangers this Sunday. The Old Firm Derby will be aired on FOX Soccer at 8am.

Even though Rangers has no chance of winning the 2011-12 Scottish Premier League title, the Rangers team hopes to delay Celtic’s SPL title celebrations by winning the Old Firm Derby. But if Celtic beats Rangers on Sunday, while third place Motherwell drop points to Kilmarnock, then Celtic will celebrate winning the title on its own turf — which is something that Rangers fans will definitely not want to see. Glasgow Rangers currently sits 21 points behind Celtic with eight games remaining.

For viewers in the United States, Sunday’s Old Firm Derby will give many soccer fans the first opportunity to see the Old Firm Derby on television. For many years, the SPL has been banished in the US to pubs via closed-circuit television, the now defunct Setanta Sports or dodgy Internet streams. So Sunday’s match represents an excellent opportunity for soccer fans to watch one of the biggest derbies in the world from the comfort of their own living room.

The question is: Will you watch it? Vote in the poll below.

20 thoughts on “Poll: Will You Be Watching the Old Firm Derby On Sunday On FOX Soccer?”

  1. I will at least have it on. No interest in the Old Firm. The match to watch is Aberdeen vs Inverness on Saturday.


  2. Aside from Manchester United and Liverpool this is easily the biggest derby in Britain. Those south of the wall may turn their nose up at the SPL but make no mistake this is a HUGE and extremely competitive match, it should get a strong turn out across the pond with the Americans in the lineup. 98% of English teams can only dream of having the support the Old Firm posses (including Arsenal, Man City, Spurs, and maybe Chelsea).

    Nothing compares to this game, watch it, give it a chance, and I promise you’ll be a staunch support of one side before the match is through.

    1. I totally agree with you, the atmosphere is amazing and it is indeed a competitive match.One of the greatest derby in the world no doubt about it.


    2. Celtic fans travel well and nobody can deny that. They have such a dedicated fan base that if they ever did switch to the EPL they could be a serious threat to the so called top 6 over time. With the extra money they would earn from tv rights etc over time they would be able to pay higher wages and attract better quality players.

      Celtic park is a tough place for ANY team to get 3 points as they have proven in recent CL games so I can easily see them in the finnishing in the top half of the EPL starting out. I can’t see them ever being allowed to make the move though.

  3. It’s an excellent atmosphere at both grounds. Shame it’s on so early and on a Sunday as well. Given the nature of the game that’s understandable.

    I remember before there was a Fox Soccer Channel back in the old days of Fox Sports World they’d show SPL games particularly the Old Firm games if I’m not mistaken.

    With a few number of Americans in the Rangers squad there’s a definite source of interest.

  4. No thanks, a game of 2 teams that hate each other over religion and the fact its crap football is not interesting to me in the slightest.

  5. I love the ignorance of EPL fans who know nothing about the Old Firm and sweep it under the rug.

    First off religion has very very little to do these days with Rangers/Celtic (Sunday kickoff wouldn’t we all be a church?), it’s their identities and culture that separates Glasgow and Scotland today.

    Secondly Celtic actaully have a strong side this year that could compete with many EPL teams. Gary Hooper had been mentioned for an England call up, Forrest is being scouted by Spurs, while Kayal, Stokes, Ki, Mulgrew, McCourt and Stokes all represent their national sides.

    Rangers have been on a slump yes but it’s got to be because of their financial distractions, Jelavic was a hell of a player, both Americans are solid and McGregor is a top top keeper.

    1. First off, one person brought up religion. So to associate one person with the rest of the “EPL fans” as ignorant is pretty ingnorant, wouldn’t you say?

      Secondly, most people agree that the games are intense and fun to watch.

      All of the off the pitch stuff is common to all big derbies so there’s no bias towards the Old Firm.

  6. Yes I’ll watch it because it’s such a big game. Growing up in Belfast I have a lot of family who are Celtic fans. My mum was also born and raised in Glasgow so I also have alot of family in Area who are Celtic fanatics. I’ve been to two old firm games and both where fantastic days out. Make no mistake I’m a red through and through and when we have played Celtic in the CL I always hope we slaughter them, when it comes to Celtic v Rangers though I’ll be hoping for a Celtic win.

  7. I’d rather watch paint dry than watch that half arsed league. Bunch of sunday league players running around. Just an excuse for the dregs in Scotland to get drunk on white lightning and have a bust up or for some american dude whose great great great granddad was from Ireland so of course he’s a Celtic fan despite never setting foot in the country.

    Both teams and their fans need dumping in the North Sea and Sky need to stop putting it on, no one in England gives a crap about watching that junk

  8. The Old Firm is the biggest derby in the world. We (Rangers) have the best fans in the world, many ways too prove it. Not only do we have the best fans, were the most successful club in the world, fact.
    In 2008 we were in the UEFA Cup Final, in Manchester, we had 20,000 tickets allocated to us for the match, 250,000 – 300,000 fans went, over 200,000 people who didn’t even have tickets to the match.

    There is a lot more money in English football and all the big leagues (La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 etc), than there is in Scottish football, that has become a way of things. The fact that Rangers and Celtic are ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ than the rest of the SPL takes nothing away from the clubs themselves or either of our achievements.
    Rangers and Celtic and Scottish football have always over-achieved. There hasn’t been a gigantic fall, like some that no nothing, that report from England always make out about Scotland and things in Scotland. They do it outside of football also, hence the upcoming referendum about Scottish independence and the fact the Scottish Nationalist Party run our parliament.

    We (Rangers) are going through a tough time financially, no fault of the club, but of the people who have ran it. But even if we did cease to exist, which won’t happen, if Celtic went on to win the SPL for the next 20 years, Celtic would still be behind Rangers in the amount of Scottish championships won. We have a higher % of attendance than Celtic and most if not all teams in the UK. The old firm derby is more intense and loyal in the world, that fact that Liverpool and Manchester United’s derby was mentioned by someone in the ‘same league’ as the old Firm derby is crazy.

    I’ll be at the match tomorrow, as will 50,000 other fans, regardless of our financial situation. Tomorrows Old Firm derby is important as everyone is, but what’s more important at this time is that we survive in the long term and we will. 5 parties have expressed interest in our club, within weeks of our administrators wanting potential bidders, it shows the size of the club.

    Rangers have the greatest history of any club in world, 13 managers of our football club in 140 years, small things like that shows the great history. Players took 75% wage cuts, to be able to continue playing for the club, where players such as Allan McGregor, a top goalkeeper, Steven Davis – the captain of Norther Ireland, Carlos Bocanegra – the captain of the USA, could have left and with their quality found other clubs and gotten much higher wages.

    The fact that the SPL hasn’t got an amazing quality takes nothing away from our – Rangers’ – success or Celtics. Celtic are to us what Real Madrid are to Barcelona, we are to Celtic what Barcelona are to Real Madrid. Madrid and Barcelona dominate Spain, they get more money than all the other clubs in Spain, they get higher attendances than everyone else, what’s the difference? Really? It’s the same scenario with more money, and yet Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, all have fans inferior to those of Rangers and Celtics. Manchester United are in over £700,000,000 of debt, we – Rangers – could be in potentially £50,000,000 of debt and are in administration because of that possibility, purely because all the other Major leagues get more money than Scotland. Barcelona are in incredible amounts of debt, again only such high incomes from TV are keeping these clubs afloat. Hypothetically if Rangers and Celtic were to be as rich as all the other major clubs, which Rangers and Celtic already are, we would be very quickly on a par with these clubs. The fans are better, with money the quality would be just as good too.

    Scottish football and Rangers and Celtic have always over-achieved, it’s not been a ‘fall of a giant’, things have become more realistic, but in terms of size and stature Rangers have already been huge and always will be.

    Enjoy the game, I just had to put right a few typical ‘in-looking’ English opinions on all things Scottish, arrogant, clueless, stupid and inept as usual. There were a few other terrible, naive comments there too, so… old Firm Derby, enjoy Americans, you’ll see everything I mean about Rangers and our fans from the match, win, lose or draw. Remember your watching the most successful football club of all time, and we will continue to be for a long time to come. 54 and counting…

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