Samir Nasri to a Premier League Rival Is The Wrong Direction For Arsenal

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There have been many transfer rumors regarding Samir Nasri. The three most prominent have been to Manchester United,  Manchester City and now, as a late development on Friday evening, Chelsea. Surely Arsenal cannot sell one of their best players to their Premiership rivals.

Nasri has been in contract talks since the end of the season. He has one year on his deal and is looking for an increase in his wages. Although he claims it is to see the club’s ambition before he signs, I don’t believe it.

Arsene and Arsenal already are having a tough summer ahead with the constant Cesc to Barca rumors as well as Clichy’s prospective departure and possible others out the door such as Bendtner. Clichy is being touted to sign for Man City as well, while Bendtner could end up possibly at Borussia Dortmund, although no concrete offer for the Dane has been made.

If Cesc is to go, the club cannot let Nasri leave. Losing two of your best players would be a nightmare start to the upcoming Premier League campaign as well as Arsenal having to deal with certain backlash from supporters.

Arsene has already spoken out saying he will not sell to Manchester United. I don’t see him acting against that statement and selling him to the defending champions and arguably Arsenal’s biggest title rival. I also don’t see United spending the £20million on a player with one year remaining on his deal with the spending spree they have already been on.

As far as the two Manchester clubs, City seems to be the more likely. They have money constantly burning their pockets as well as they can offer wages that no other club can. There also is a precedent for Arsenal selling players to City. In the summer of 2009, Arsenal sold both Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor to them. This was before Man City seemed to be a title contender. Also Toure and Adebayor were desperate to leave the Emirates with Toure’s declining relationship with Gallas and Adebayor looking for wages Arsenal wouldn’t offer.

However, Man City has backed off the stance that they are trying to sign the French midfielder. They have been only monitoring him and view him as a back-up plan for later in the summer according to The Guardian.

If Man City’s interest peaks then selling Nasri even for the quoted £20million, which is a good bit of business for a player with a year left, sends a bad message to current players and possible incoming ones. By selling one of their best players to a league rival, surely it would send out the notion that Arsenal isn’t going to compete for the Premier League title and are only looking for Champions League qualification, which had the season ran on a little longer this season, they may have missed out on.

The only way I can see Arsenal selling Nasri is to a club abroad. There are reports that AC Milan and Inter could be interested and it Arsenal are to sell, selling to one of these two clubs seem to be in the best interest of Arsenal FC.

However, Arsenal can’t run the risk of not selling Nasri and allowing him to walk for free at the end of the season, much like Flamini did when he left for Milan. If he refuses to renew his contract, he must either be sold this window or in January.

Arsenal needs to sell on their terms and before they sell Nasri, they need to sort out Cesc’s situation because losing both players is surely a disaster. Also if they are to sell they need to find a replacement and sign him before Nasri exits the Emirates.

Will Nasri re-sign? Will he end up at United? Will Man City pick up interest? Will he be shipped abroad or will his contract expire and be free to sign wherever he pleases next year? Voice your opinion in the comments.

53 thoughts on “Samir Nasri to a Premier League Rival Is The Wrong Direction For Arsenal”

  1. i think it’s better for Arsene to cash on him this summer or maybe in january if he insists that he wants to leave to avoid releasing him free next summer considering that he has one year left on his contract

  2. Nasri has asked for 100K weekly wages and the Aresnal board had effectively said: No way. Thus, Samir is looking for a new home. Arsene does have Ramsey and Wilshere, so I doubt he’s actually that worried about losing Nasri. Also, United is tough rival with or without Samir, so I don’t think selling to him to United is as terrible as everyone suggests. The motivation for United is find a midfilder with qualities of Scholes and for now, Nasri is the best option. Live Evra noted earlier in the Summer, if Samir wants titles, he needs to move to Man Utd.

  3. CHELSEA should sign him : for me nasri>>modric. 20 m is a serous steal he is worth 40m of today world. i mean think about it neymar and sanchez are worth 40m. they have not proved themselves to the extent nasri has. Nasri is still young and lots of talent. i think chelsea should sign him even if its for 30m . i rate him very highly. i fell sorry for arsenal fans tho.

  4. Nasri to City…ambitious player who wants to win things and be paid the going rate his talent deserves. Also, at the same time be developed into a better player by Mancini.

    Arsenal should spend some of the income they get from outrageous season ticket prices on players’ wages, which will keep the good players there and maybe help the club win some silverware. Simples.

    1. but where? will he fit in. Last time i checked you have de jong and toure and milner. It would be such a waste to put him on the wing . he deserves to play in a central position.

      1. To answer your question Blue,


        And so on and so on, does this not show you how blind most of you are.

  5. Better to sell him for £20m now than let him go for free at the end of the season, that money can get you two top attacking u21 players from france or netherlands and enough time to get them before the start of the season.

    1. I feel arsene should let go of him nd use d money 4 quality signing, may be he’ll be lucky. Sorry 4 arsenal fans

  6. Nasri come to city.Have ur £110 per week,score more goals at least 20,enjoy a trophy chasing spirit .City is a place to come!!!Nasri!!!!!

  7. I think there may be a misunderstanding, we should be talking about Samir Nasri decision and not Arsenals. This is all on Mr. Nasri.

    1. Actually, seeing as he has 1 year left on his contract it is very much Arsenal’s decision what happens to Nasri this summer!

  8. I’m very surprised that no other top club outside England are interested in him. For a quality player like him who is also young and who can be bought now for around 20 million pounds it would be a bargain given the insane prices paid for unproven players like Henderson and Carroll. If Barcelona were smart they would buy Nasri for half what they will have to pay for Fabregas.

    If Nasri is not going to accept an extension to his contract that expires in a year then Wenger should be calling every other top club outside the EPL and trying to work out a deal to get cash plus player exchanges.

    It would be insane for Arsenal to sell him to an EPL club. It’s not like he is English.

    1. I’m sure there are many clubs interested in him – it’s just that the British papers write the most controversial stories to sell papers 😉

  9. Arsenal should accept that Cesc is off to Spain, and with the money from that, make sure they pay Nasri enough to keep him. He deserves to get more in this situation, and is not one to let get away. Surely Wenger knows this.

    Like Blue stated, 20mil is a steal in this market, I’d say he’s worth close to double, imho. However, selling for 20 beats letting him walk end of the season. Trying times for Arsenal indeed..

  10. I too am surprised that non-EPL clubs are not after Nasri. There are no reports from any media in Spain, Italy or Germany that have mentioned him being associated with any clubs there. For 20 million he’d be a steal. It could be that his agent has informed possible suitors that he wishes to remain in England. If so, it makes Wenger’s job a lot harder. Do you sell to a rival or pay him more money even if it falls outside what Arsenal will pay as a maximum to any player.

  11. According to Sky Sports Nasri has turned down Arsenal’s offer. Well, that just means that he will be leaving and he has control over the situation and can ask to go anywhere he wants. If Arsenal don’t cooperate he will just run out his contract this season and leave on a free next season. Fergie must be smiling. He’s going to get his man.

    1. HA! SAF will not get Nasri that easily. Wenger can ask for 35 or 40M,if MU are really that interested–which MU won’t pay. Arsenal can sell him this summer or next winter, to whichever team they want. Barca don’t need him and Real don’t want him. Alternately, the Board and Wenger can decide to pay market wages. This is critical, because I believe they are grossly underestimating the dissatisfaction of the Arsenal fan base. If Wenger dishes up another three lukewarm replacements so he can tread water another year he is sadly mistaken. His credibility is running out and he is in danger of being viewed as a stodgy, stubborn old man that time as passed by. Since Dein was pushed out the board has been slow to act but another year of collapse, especially with the larger headcount, will leave them no choice despite all Wenger has done for the club.

      1. ——————————————————————————————
        “HA! SAF will not get Nasri that easily. Wenger can ask for 35 or 40M,if MU are really that interested–which MU won’t pay. Arsenal can sell him this summer or next winter, to whichever team they want”
        Arsenal CANNOT sell him to whichever team they want right now, next week or next year. Nasri cant be forced to sign with anyonem if he want to go to united he will end up their one way or another. While better money may be a factor in this i don’t think its his main motivation for wanting a move to another team. Maybe hes just realized that he has a better chance of winning medal at another club, whoever that may be.

        1. Perhaps Arsenal management is not such a cuckold as you would suppose. Nasri is French-speaking as is Wenger–surely there is some value in that to the player. Also, I don’t recall players being able to name their suitors without regard to transfer price and wages. The devil is in the details. I imagine it’s mostly posturing, taken out of the Shrek handbook. Worst case Arsenal hang on to a want-away player for another year and let him go on a free, but I can’t imagine Wenger will have forgotten lessons from the whole Flamini incident. Nor will Nasri forget how Flamini floundered away from Arsenal. For all the heat Wenger takes, he enables talent to bloom. I imagine Nasri might win more hardware away from Arsenal but he would miss the free-flowing game they possess.

          1. If Nasri goes to MUFC then he will not regret it.
            ‘he would miss the free-flowing game they possess’ – I’m pretty sure he would prefer to go to a club who win titles every season then play some ‘pretty’ football and struggle to finish fourth.

            Flamini did not settle well after his free.

            Apparently Adebayor has decided shutting up and working hard is a better idea than getting shipped off to Russia, but not until after he had burned bridges at Arsenal and ManCity.

            Alexandr Hleb has been sucking wind since his move away.

            Only Henry has tasted more silverware since his move from Arsenal, and he is a special case who has not burned his bridge with fans.

            There is more to football than simply more money or more hardware. Smart footballers know this, despite what their weasel agents tell them.

  12. If Arsenal lose both Nasri and Fabregas they will be favored to finsih out of the top 4. Even with new, quality players it will be difficult for them to mesh right away and that means this could be a very difficult season for Arsenal. I wonder who Wenger will buy to replace these two players. I see tough times for Arsenal.

  13. ohhhh……. why do the engilish media hate Arsenal? Nasri been in Arsenal for years and hes happy to stay there at least for 3 yrs… We all know how gd Wenger is, in persuading players……Nasri got good relationship with Arsenal fans so he wont gamble leaving Arsenal….as he said dont beleive the papers, he will end up in Arsenal…would be happy to see him in man City tho !

  14. Nasri is a top class player and wants to win trophies. For Nasri its a no-brainer if United are after him, good luck to him. It would be the best move of his career!

  15. This is not an isolated year-every year Arsenal fans are tortured with the sale of their best players-will they wont they leave sagas. Arsenal only ever talk about buying players- the truth is they cannot compete and can only buy kids. Except this year it looks like its reality.
    All the best players now know the truth-Arsenal are masquerading as something they are not-they are not a big club -the club lie to the players as much as the fans. They even lie to Wenger about a willingness to spend money.Wenger tells us of his plans to strengthen the team every year. Yet Wenger only identifies the players he wants-the club negotiates the purchase-and ever since nonentity corporate lawyer Gazidis has been at the club bargain basement signings only have been made-if any.
    The truth is the players heads have gone-they want out of a sinking ship before it actually sinks. Next season having sold our best players, having failed to replace them, Arsenal will be relegated-unless drastic action is taken now-and yes it means paying over the odds now for players- why? because Arsenal have lost its position in the market-other players we want now doubt the club’s ambition-they ask themselves why do their best players want out?
    It is obvious that money lies behind all of this-and stupid unachievable policies like self sustainability implemented in a crude way in order to justify failing to invest in players.
    We will see how much the Board’s shares are worth after all our star players have left and we are left with kids, over paid dross and we are battling relegation- probably unsuccessfully.

  16. If Nasri and Fabergas both go this summer i wonder how long it is before RVP hands in a transfer request. Even if hes handed the captains armband this season it may not be enough to keep him long term if Arsenal don’t win anything next year. Then you have to wonder about Wishire’s long term future.

  17. I believe the agent of Nasri is playing this to perfection. No top Euro club will come in now for him now-when they can get him for nothing next year.
    United and City, Liverpool and Chelsea will pay 20 m plus and they know Arsenal are desperate for cash and are desperate to avoid another Flamini situation. These clubs cant lose-they will get 2 years of Nasri at his best and they will have have knocked out a rival in the process-and they will get their money back in 2 year .
    Nasri himself has no loyalty-he was not too fussed about leaving Marseille in the first place.
    Arsenal’s choice is to pay Nasri what he wants or more, pay Fabregas more-or try and part x him to a club like Valencia-or Juve. Does anyone want to join Arsenal without Fabregas and Nasri? Pay him- and quick.

  18. While 20m is definitely a bargain for Nasri I honestly think he will go for less especially if he himself declares he’s only willing to sign for City or Utd or whoever. That will instantly end any type of bidding war and force Arsenal to sell for less or risk losing him for free on Jan 1st on a pre-contract.

  19. I think Nasri coming to United i think hes wants win some trophies and Arsenal haven’t won trophy since 04

  20. I think that the overriding impression I get from the Nasri/Fabregas garage sale debacle is that Wenger doesn’t have any money to re-tool. As much as these players might want to leave, selling your best is the road to ruin, particularly when it is done at the same moment in time. Can you imagine Ferguson dumping Vidic and Rooney ? I doubt it.

    This will be Wenger’s Last Stand. If it works and they win top trophy, he will be considered one of the greats. If it doesn’t, he’ll be on the scrapheap.

    Interesting times….

  21. If Arsenal lose both Nasri and Fabregas I don’t see how they will be able to challenge for trophies even if they buy replacements of comparable quality. It’s going to take time for the new players to get used to the EPL especially if you bring in a lot of new faces.

    Arsenal needs to keep either Nasri or Fabregas and shore up their defence to have any hope of winning trophies.

  22. Its clear that Nasir will go, so rather than disaster Wenger should considered it as an opportunity. Let Nasir go to any of the club, but that should at a swap deal.

    If he is heading to United, swapping him with Nani will be a great option for Arsenal. As after United signings this summer, it seems difficult for Nani to find frequent first team appearance, which Arsenal could assure him.

    If he is going to Man.City, then let be a swap deal with Adam Johnson. He will be a great buy for Arsenal, has his first team appearance was under threat after arrival of David Silva. And guess what he come with some cash.

    If he is to be heading to Chelsea, then Ramires could be an option to considered for Arsenal.

    Above all, this players will best fit in Wenger’s strategy to higher young talent, as non of them is more than 25.

  23. If Wenger isn’t able to keep either Fabregas or Nasri then it will signal that he doesn’t have the clout with players to keep them at Arsenal. It will make it easier for other players to leave in the future as well. It would be suicide for Arsenal to sell Nasri to Chelsea, United or City. I see the signs of the demise of Arsenal given City’s ascension into a top club and the aspirations of Spurs and Liverpool. I can see Arsenal dropping into 6th position.

  24. It would be really stupid of Wenger to sell Nasri to another EPL team. If he knows he cannot keep Nasri then he should be trying to get teams from outside the EPL to buy him. It would be better to sell him to a non-EPL team for less. Nasri is good now and given his age will only get better. With swuch a bright future why would you sell him to one of your competitors. Seems silly to me.

  25. The Way You Lot Are Saying and talking about how great nasri is and how he should move on you lot are forgetting he has only had 1 good season and when you look at the greats such as messi ronaldo xavi and iniesta they do it year after year and hes only been able to do it for half a season because all his best perfomances were in the in the first half of the season. so he isn’t really a great player till he does it season after season. But overall I think He’ll stay at Arsenal

  26. Nasri is off to Manchester City to join Clichy who was just signed today. Manchester City have the means to buy players that will make them contenders for trophies. It doesn’t hurt that he will also make more money at City than Arsenal.

  27. Wenger has put a 25 million pound price tag on Nasri as he was unable to convince the player to stay. Where Nasri goes will be very interesting. For United it means paying 25 million for Nasri or spending about that much or a little more for Sneidjer who is also available as Inter will consider selling for a decent offer. City can afford to buy Nasri at 25 million but will he choose them over United? Chelsea will also be able to afford the asking price and will they abandon Modric and go for Nasri instead? Or, will Nasri go elsewhere? Stay tuned.

    But one thing is now clear Arsenal will lose both Fabregas and Nasri. Will Robin van Persie follow? Others? We are going to see lots of changes at Arsenal.

  28. Get one fing straight nasri aint gong no where fegie and and dah rest keep dreaming he arsenal 4 lyf n all these rumours aint true if cesc leave am not too fussed yep he a gud player buh nasri will replace him n even if nasri does leave which he aint we still got persie vermalon wilshire we have got back up but arsene you have have to buy players Nasri arsenal 4 lyf!!!!!!!!!!!

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