Ryan Babel Tweets Photo Of Howard Webb Wearing Man United Shirt

Ryan Babel could face disciplinary action from The Football Association (FA) after the Liverpool striker posted a Photoshopped image on Twitter of referee Howard Webb wearing a Manchester United shirt.

The image was posted in jest after Webb awarded Manchester United a penalty versus Liverpool. The decision was a poor one by Webb after TV replays clearly showed United striker Dimitar Berbatov diving in the box.

Traditionalists may argue that Babel should not be using Twitter to criticize referees and that he should keep his opinions to himself. However, I believe Babel’s attempt to add some levity to the situation while also proving a point at the same time should be congratulated, not scorned.

Ryan Babel is now joking on Twitter that the Twitter police are after him.

UPDATE: The FA has charged Ryan Babel with improper conduct and have given him until Thursday to respond. Meanwhile, The FA hasn’t said a word about El Hadji Diouf’s alleged taunts against the QPR player who had his leg broken Saturday.

44 thoughts on “Ryan Babel Tweets Photo Of Howard Webb Wearing Man United Shirt”

  1. Best thing he has done since he arrived at Liverpool – at last SOME REAL EMOTION AND HOW CAN HE BE PUNISHED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH

    1. Best thing he has done since he arrived at Liverpool: there is real skill to that Photoshop work! If it’s not Liverpool, at least he’s got a future in graphic design.

    2. look wha he do against Chelsea and Manchester united just now awarded a ridiculous decision for a penalty in united”s favour twice not once.

  2. Babel is a legend the Farce Association need to wake and know this photo has been around for a few yrs on the net and Webb put on a disgraceful performance here and at the WC Final and yeah like Ryan said he’s the best England has?

  3. The FA need to get rid of the poor refs and Man Utds famous diving. No wonder everyone thinks Fergie pays off the refs. Well done Babel.

  4. It will be interesting to see, as this season wears on, whether a ManUtd down by a goal or two in the waning stages of matches will get these kinds of gifts. I can’t imagine Gary Neville or Paul Scholes getting shown off for that tackle personally.

    I don’t know if Webb had ulterior motivations, but from the replays I saw his calls, while probably perfectly justified, are out of place in a game meant to be won by players not officials. Who knows what would have happened if the penalty and the red card were not called? Nonetheless, they were, and while Babel will likely get a fine or suspension, most can understand his frustration.

    1. I’m definitely not a Man Utd fan, but I have to defend them here: firstly, Gary Neville would never tackle like that in the first place. He’s been a defender all his life, so he actually has some tackling ability (which Gerrard doesn’t).

      Scholes is a bad tackler. His tackles tend to be just horribly-timed, rather than jumping in, two feet studs up as Gerrard often does. He has been red-carded for it occasionally throughout his career.

        1. Yes Stevie G can’t tackle, which he proved with his stupid lunge the other day. And it’s exactly BECAUSE I’ve been watching football for years that I know this – the two footed studs up challenge is practically his trademark. I mean seriously, just check out youtube if you like.

        2. REALLY i would love to see rooney atempt to tackle OH wait he can’t because he won’t get off he lazy backside more like rooney can’t tackle where has he been for the lat 15 yrs mate

      1. yeah mate, what have u been watching man? Stevie G is one of the best tacklers in the game!
        ‘Gary Neville has some tackling ability’ my flat arse, clear biasedness/fear/bribery from the refs! should’ve been sent off for the stoke a while back (2 ‘yellows’) and recently against west brom.

        1. Well Gary Neville generally plays in defence, so unless he has some tackling ability, he would be out of a job. Or maybe all the managers he’s played under have been wrong all along…

  5. Coward Webb is a known Manc season ticket holder. What were the hypocrite FA thinking when appointing this cnut as a referee against his favourite clubs arch rivals? He should be banned from Anfield, that Manc tw*t.

  6. Hopefully with the latest shakeup at Liverpool Babel will get more playing time, so I can celebrate his on the pitch skills rather than his tweeting skills.

  7. Instant-freaking replay for all penalty kick decisions and/or controversial goals. Why is that so hard? It only takes a second for some guy up in a booth to review it and wouldn’t disrupt the game and would help remove ref errors and the blame game/conspiracy theories surrounding them. It’s such an obvious and easy solution.

    And for the record, I’ve got no idea how Webb keeps getting called “the best ref in England.” I laughed and shook my head when he was picked to represent England in the World Cup.

    1. I saw the instant replay of the Berbatov foul, and I’m still not sure if it was a foul or not – there may have been slight contact with Berbatov’s leg, which might have been all it took to make his foot land awkwardly, but it’s not clear. I don’t think a video ref would have been any more conclusive in this case.

        1. Not necessarily – I’m not saying that ANY minimal contact should draw a penalty. I’m just saying in this case it’s not clear from the replays that it was NOT a foul. The replay was pretty inconclusive, so maybe the ref saw something we couldn’t. The replay alone doesn’t give us any reason to doubt the referees decision, so this is a pretty bad case to use as an argument in favour of video technology.

          1. Also, @ Earl, what does this mean:

            I don’t know if Webb had ulterior motivations, but from the replays I saw his calls, while probably perfectly justified, are out of place in a game meant to be won by players not officials

            How can a refereeing call be “perfectly justified but out of place”. A two-footed stoods up jumping tackle is a sending off, everyone knows that. In this case, the game was not won or lost by officials. The PK may have been soft (debateable), but what is not debateable (as far as I can see) is that Gerrard cost Liverpool any chance of getting back into the game by committing a completely stupid foul and getting sent off. You can’t blame the ref for that.

  8. It’s a joke, like “hahaha”. Even if he was in a Liverpool shirt or whatever after a bad call that benefited us I think it’d be funny.

    The joker usually hits home harder than the news man. And it’s unfortunate that the FA’s greatest threat to the spread of football is Photoshop.

  9. Although Webb definitely blew the call, I’m not surprised by Babel’s joke considering his club and country have had a rough year with the referee (WC final anyone?)

    /coming from a fan of the dutch

  10. The red card is questionable and is up to interpertation based on your colours. I don’t think it was a red card but definitely a yellow card.

    The real farce is the awarding of a penalty. If referees want to take diving out of the game they have to stop rewarding things like that. This only serves to reinforce Bervatov to fall at the slightest contact.

  11. The penalty infringement happened on the side close to the assistant referee and he didn’t raise his flag. In real time I thought Berbatov went down very easily and one of the commentators said the same thing. Webb obviously saw it differently and may have been influenced by the crowd’s reaction when Berbatov went down. Home sides always have an advantage with their load raections which do indeed affect referees.

    The Gerard sending off was unfortunate because at the time he went for the ball it was a 50-50 ball. Yes, he did go into it with both feet but I don’t think he meant to injure the player but to get to the ball. Intention should matter. He was late and should therefore have been given a yellow card, not red.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when Howard Webb is considered the best referee in England when his performances say otherwise. I watch a lot of La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga games and while there are always controversial decisions given by referees I believe the EPL referees are by far the worst. The English FA needs to do something about it.

  12. Was this the same Howard Webb who didn’t show a red card to Nigel DeJong for kung-fu kicking Xabi Alonso at the World Cup final? Maybe he forgot that Alonso was no longer a Liverpool player :) .

    Seriously, Webb is a terrible referee.

  13. The game is getting harded and harder to watch, the cheating is now justified by top managers and the powers to be don’t want to bring TV technology in the name of fairness.
    Sundays showdown with England top trophy collectors was ruined by Howard Webb’s ego and poor calls. It was never a penaulty, well it certainly wouldn’t have been at the other end. As for the sending off, has anybody ever seen a ref playing an advantage only to blow up and call the play back to send a player off? Never, occasionally a good ref will do this and dish out a yellow card but when an honest offical see’s a tackle worthly of a red card he blows quickly, loud and clear, this wasn’t the case on Sunday.
    And if he was acting by the letter of the law how come Rafael didn’t see red for his tackle on Meireles only seconds before? he clearly left the ground with both feet landing on and winning the ball but could very easily have badly injured the liverpool player unlike gerrard and carrick which was an old fashion hardman tussle.

  14. A few weeks ago, the English media were up in arms about FIFA’s decision to give the 2018 World Cup to Russia. They accused FIFA of being corrupt (wow like we didn’t already know that). So, this CORRUPT organization only appoint corrupt people to do their dirty work. Right? This CORRUPT organization appointed Howard Webb to referee the WORLD CUP FINAL! What does THAT make Howard Webb?

  15. I hate Webb, and why does Football turn to Political Issues, Fifa and England FA Association is now like Nigeria Government, So always go after truth and Let players says the truth, don’t punish Ryan Babel on any Stupid issue that you ppl know is Real and the guy is saying the Truth, God Bless Babel. Thanks men

  16. A couple of funny things… later in the match, there was a clear United penalty not called and another possible one not given. The Gerrard tackle was from behind the player, studs up and even with no intent, was correctly identified by the AR for serious foul play (law 12). That is a sending off offense regardless of intent. In the circumstance, regardless of how people feel, the call was justified. Would I have given it – no, but I was the ref.

    The picture of Webb IS funny. However, it’s the kind of thing that fans should be sending around via Twitter – NOT a player who is judged by refs including, eventually, Howard Webb again. Disrespect to officials is not appropriate from a player before, during or after a match.

    The difference in Diouf’s case is that no adjudicator or official heard what has been claimed. It needs to be investigated. To make a comparison to what was seen and called by a ref and his ARs and what Diouf did is really difficult.

  17. @ Dave c

    you obviously know very little about football dont cha? watch gary neville’s tackles they are atrocious! steven gerrard is one of the worlds best tackling midfielders! now stick that inside that huge space between your ears you mug! you’d lick fergie’s arsehole first chance you get!

    @ howard webb

    you are utterly disgracefull, you should never referee another liverpool man u game! how on god’s green earth were you picked to referee the world cup final, youve f**ked up so many times! 2 seasons ago tottenham were 2-0 up at old trafford (liverpool were breathing down united’s neck in the premiership title race) but what did you do to help your manc friends? you give them a pen that never was, aka a michael carrick dive! anyone remember this? last season he give luis valencia a pen when he was fouled outside the box! what a f**kin disgace you are webb! please quit!

  18. I think the FA is controlled by manu. I can comfortably say that howard webb, mike dean, phil dowd and cuttermore amog other officials are man u best players

  19. i think rv persi is the man of the moment why everyone is complaning about arsenal . webb is so selfish and is a truly man u big up to ryan babel you are the man

  20. chelsea have showed man u that there are too young i would like to thank david luiz for the goal man utd are too young to the blues special thanks to cech for the save and good performane big up to ramires, torres and team terry

  21. Not just TW*Tard webb also mark CRAPpenberg amongst others whos under the influence of their bum chum whiskynosed dratsab of an old fool..remember the names guys 😉

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