Portsmouth: The Latest English Club To Come To America

Sports News - May 15, 2010

Portsmouth is now officially the latest English club coming to North America as part of their preseason warm-ups. The south-coast club finished dead last in the EPL, made history by being the first Premier League club to go into administration and have been forced to sell what top-class talent they had in order to stave off collapse.

But despite all of their troubles Pompey will join English clubs Manchester United, Manchester City, Bolton and Tottenham on the other side of the pond. The catastrophe at Portsmouth last season has a thin, thin silver lining when it comes to their overseas trip. The administration, the last place finish and the multitude of owners has raised the club’s notoriety outside of England. Their FA Cup run was something straight out of a Disney sports film and Avram Grant’s willingness to go down with the ship and stick it out until the end has endeared him to the public.

Portsmouth’s trip will be a barometer on how much the English game has permeated into the North American sports psyche. Most Americans/Canadians have never even heard of the Championship, much less seen a game featuring lower division sides. Espescially now that Avram Grant has departed and the FA Cup will be a distant afterthought once the hoopla of the World Cup commences it will be interesting to see if people turn out because Lord knows the club needs the money.

Portsmouth start their North American tour against Club America in San Diego on July 14, travel north to face off with the Edmenton Select on July 21 and finish against MLS bottom-dwellers D.C. United on July 24. Be sure to check out our complete list of preseason friendlies and stay tuned to EPL Talk for full coverage.

13 thoughts on “Portsmouth: The Latest English Club To Come To America”

  1. Man United vs Philadelphia Jul 21
    Pompey vs DC United Jul 24
    I don’t see Pompey selling too many tickets

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the match played at the high school stadium that DC United uses for US Open Cup early round matches. Much smaller facility would allow the match to not appear to be so poorly attended.

      They still won’t sell many tickets.

  2. If clubs think just coming over here is enough, they are mistaken

    You need to be a winning club or have a winning history to make a difference in America

    Yanks will flock to teams winning hence United, Chelsea, Liverpool (history) being the top clubs. It isn’t a coincidence either….and some try to paint it as such but then again, the lower clubs have little to no America support outside maybe Fulham due to American players…..

    1. Agree with you 100%. I think Bolton has a really great strategy for their USA tour. Their playing smaller, low division clubs in the Southeast (where I’m from) along with a few games in major markets.

      I expect they’ll get great turnout for their games in Charlotte and Charleston because a EPL team hasn’t been here in a long time, if ever. Portsmouth is only playing three games in big markets and expect to sell out. Then again, Portsmouth is not a power outage away from ceasing to exist because of solid management.

  3. Portsmouth will be running a special promotion, any young male who is fit has a chance to be picked to fill-in their squad for that particular game.

  4. This is what happens when a non-football person (Andrew Andrinikou) is running the club as the administrator. With no interest shown by any serious parties, and rumors of the FA taking over the operation of the club until a suitable owner can be found, I will be a little surprised if this actually happens. Besides, who has confidence in the FA finding a fit and proper person? Not me.

  5. What all of you are failing to realize is that, in San Diego at least, they’ll be playing Club America miles from the Mexican boarder… America will put butts in seats on their own and Portsmouth should be able to appeal to a crossover type of fan who wouldn’t normally be interested in watching a Mexican side.

    Portsmouth is not the main attraction here.

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