Henry News. He’s Leaving Barcelona And Ready For New York

Barcelona 2009/10

The clock has already started to tick. After being a good solider for Pepe Guardiola and FC Barcelona the French striker and former Arsenal legend is ready to move on towards Major League Soccer and play in his favorite destination that has been the worst kept secret in the entire football world. We all know that place is New York City.

Reports from Europe have already surfaced that Thierry Henry is negotiating his exit at the end of this La Liga season since he wasn’t allowed to dress in the last match which was a 4-1 victory over Villarreal. During the second leg fight with Inter Milan in the Semi-Finals of the UEFA Champions League, Henry wasn’t given a chance to sub in & at least try to get a goal or two for the aggregate lead or get that second goal which would’ve help Barcelona advance to the final since they did have the away goal in the first leg at the San Siro.

Yes his contract ends after the 2010-11 La Liga season, but it sounds like he will be getting his money earlier to move into a fancy NYC apartment building. Henry’s representatives have already had talks with Barcelona Sporting Director Txiki Begiristain to allow Henry to leave before the contract ends.

Obviously after his time with France in this summer’s World Cup, he will be allowed to join the league in the MLS Summer Transfer Window this coming July. Before the season started Matthew Mbuta was the last player to wear the #14 shirt before being released during the pre-season. Since his release no one on the New York Red Bulls has worn that number. Yes ladies and gentlemen it sounds like he will be at Red Bull Arena with his famous T.H. 14 tag.

Arsenal Head Coach Arsene Wenger was asked about Henry if he would’ve made a return to the Premiership or back to Arsenal “I believe he will go to the United States at the end of the season. He will go certainly to the World Cup and after he will want to maybe cut a little bit of the immense pressure that is in Europe.”

What does this mean for the league if Henry does come over? Once again another famous player that has plyed his trade in the Premiership is coming to MLS and following in the footsteps of David Beckham and former Arsenal teammate Freddie Ljungberg. This also means that he will be playing along side Juan Pablo Angel and filling two of the three Designated Player spots that the Red Bulls have either received or bought from the league.

This also means that Red Bull Arena will be the home of another famous footballer from Europe that will grace its pitch and locker room. The star power continues to grow along with some of the home grown & or drafted players that has their stars rising like Tim Ream, Jeremy Hall, Tony Tchani, Conor Chinn & Juan Agudelo.

We all know that the New York Football Challenge will be coming around towards the end of July with Sporting Lisbon, Manchester City & Tottenham Hotspurs making this summer sizzle even more, but seeing Henry in MLS and wearing that New York shirt will be even hotter.


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  1. I hope he says no. Your league is garbage. The T&T Pro League is superior to yours

    1. You realize this is majorleaguesoccertalk.com and not I-am-a-troller.com ?

      Please take your trolling comments elsewhere, we don’t always agree on things here, but I am pretty sure we agree on this.

    2. Question, wouldn’t a Mickey Mouse League only try to make wealthy patrons happy, be the emblem of a consumer based league and be considered the best and most iconic league in the world? I mean, that’s much of what Mickey represents.

  2. A real lift for the league as I see it. Having another star of his quality despite his age and injuries can only help MLS.

  3. I wouldn’t take this as a given.

    I do hope it happens. Maybe NY can finally sell out. It will lift their away attendance too.
    Henry is smart to take his career here. One, he wants a challange and Europe just does not offer it, inspite of what AWagner says. Two, the money will be huge when soccer people start striking it rich in the US ( it probably is at the start of that now )

    1. Sure, its not a given but there are many stories on this within the last 2 days so it must have legs, unlike stories in previous months wherein only one outlet was reporting the rumor. As for the T&T league, our worst attendance team still gets 5 times the number of fans that the best T&T team gets. Oh, and the highest scorer in the Carribean championship is currently trialing for Toronto FC (kerry). If you had fans, MLS teams would become interested in the matches when they play against you. Some MLS players actually thought it was a practice match against a T&T side instead of a concacaf cl game. MLS isnt the biggest reason concacaf cl sucks, its the T&T league and Costa Rican league who let concacaf down. It would be great to showcase Henry off in CCL, but I doubt Backe will play him in those games since T&T”s weak league makes the ccl small potatoes. Trust me, Backe will be playing Henry against Euro & S. Amer. teams, not against Joe Poverty.

      1. Attendance? Who gives a shit about that??? What matters are the RESULTS ON THE FIELD. Do you understand that? The T&T League dominates your pitiful league time and time again. And the Red Bulls will not qualify for the CCL, so what you say is moot, idiot.

        Joe Poverty? Your teams have not accomplished what JPFC has. Joe Public has actually won in Mexico. Have you?

        Attendance doesn’t matter. Putting the ball in the net does. T&T> major league shit.

  4. Oh yeah, Arsene please tell me more about that immense pressure or Europe.

    Is it an any given Saturday type of thing ? I got confused because the goal differential for the top team was +63 and the bottom teams -40 ?

    Or is it the Arsenal lost the title again but still finished in the top 4 type of pressure ?
    What a shocker…..who would have seen that coming ?

  5. I’m not a big fan of MLS, but I’ve seen alot of improvement in quality this year. A footballer of TH’s quality and experience can only help the league. The EPL has become the best in the world because of the diveristy on the pitch. America is well suited to bringing in players from all around the world (if they’re pay for them) and the home grown players will become better for it. But I’m just repeating what the authors of Soccernomics said. With a new SSS and TH along with their current run of form NYRB may really be threat for years to come.

  6. I’m glad the Redbulls are getting a tallented player in Henry, but I’m not a big fan of him after what he did in the WC play in game vs Ireland.

  7. i wish there was a proper New york city club then henry will really make the switch. but new jersey bull crap is lucky theyr getting him. at least he’ll just be across the river from me.

  8. Well the truth is that Henry has gone down!!!
    He did a good job helping Barca get the trebble but he is not a good player with the team anymore!!!
    I dont think that barca would make a bad mistake like when they let Eto’o go!!!
    Well the good news is that David Villa will be with us but i hope that they dont trade him for Bojan he’s a good player!!!

    1. By “Henry has going down” you mean making/playing for the French national team ?

      I think that almost every team in the world would take Henry, if you don’t you are wrong.

      1. Yeah, not playing much for one of the top 4 teams in the world who have an abundance of choices is “pretty much going down.” People said the same thing about Viera and look how he’s played at City.

    2. I agree, with Nillzone, he wasn’t doing it for Barca anymore. I hope Villa can do something better, although I would love to see more of Bojan – he’s got great potential.
      Looking forward to this season. Sounds promising for Barca! :)

  9. Hey look henry didn’t let barcalona down, that was the stupid coach, plus they would have won the champions league if they put him in in the 2nd round vs. inter. The one who really sucks is ibrahimovic i hate that guy so much. every time he’s in the champions league games he doesn’t do crap. He stand like a statue, the coach is a retarted, he needs to wake up and sell that ibrahimbitch so they dont lose next year and keep herny on the staring 11 so we can win some more trophies next year

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