Park Ji-Sung: Manchester United's Unsung Hero

You’d be hard pressed to find a single person who had anything negative to say about Park Ji-Sung, the Manchester United midfielder who netted the winning goal Sunday against Liverpool at Old Trafford.

In many ways, Ji-Sung is the model professional. You never see him complaining. He always gives 100%. He rarely has a poor game. He loves the club he plays for. And, best of all, he’s got an incredible work rate which, when you add all of his attributes together, he’s the type of player you always want on your team.

Except Sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t play him all the time. It seems that Fergie only picks Ji-Sung for those big matches when he needs Ji-Sung to pull something special out of his bag of tricks either by scoring a goal or being a chief contributor by creating decisive assists for his fellow teammates.

Ji-Sung is such a valuable asset to Manchester United that I’m sure some managers would love to have eleven players just like him. You can’t fault the bloke. He’s improved by leaps and bounds from the time when he first joined United in 2005. And you get the sense that he’s always learning and fine-tuning his game much to the benefit of himself and the team around him.

He seems like a humble, hard working man. Quiet, observant and respectful. He is, without a doubt, the model professional. Someone who is impossible to hate and easy to admire.

But yet, at the same time, he’s probably the player that soccer fans know the least about in terms of his personal life. And that’s a good thing. Park Ji-Sung does his talking on the football pitch. It’s now time for this unsung hero to receive the praise he deserves and to let us do the talking for him.

13 thoughts on “Park Ji-Sung: Manchester United's Unsung Hero”

  1. He is a tireless worker on the pitch and I realy like him.Park you are great and We all Bhutanese people love’s you

  2. I am a big United fan, and I have always been a Park fan. But to say that it would be hard to find anyone with a negative comment about Park, and that he “rarely has a poor game” may be saying too much. I know lots of people who think Park is shite. Like I said I have always been a big fan of the Korean captain, mainly because of his work rate, humility, etc. But he is well known for being one to duff open goal chances. I do love him, but he is not an immediate starter for the red devils.

  3. Ji Sung Park is one of the best players Fergie has bought to the club.

    He’s just a classic example of everything a player should be and since joining the club hes gone from strength to strength.. honestly I don’t really know what else to say just awe in admiration for a great representative of football. For me he is the face of the Premier League.

  4. the only United player after Rooney that I thought had a very good sense of positioning… easier to find, and to say that he misses many open goal-scoring opportunity just proved more about his positioning brilliance, maybe just lack a step of pace or some goal-scoring skill/intuition like Rooney…

  5. I hated Ronaldo, I hate Fergie and his big red nose, and I hate most of the United squad. But I’ve always respected Park. Class player. Chelsea could use someone like him at the moment. Too bad the only player that matches his work rate in our squad is Essien, who is sidelined.

  6. Park U r d only player who can drive Red Devils to the campaign.U r such a laborious player who works 100% in each game……U r d only Asian to rock the european football…Good luck Park!!!!! Ur 4eva Fan…Nepal

  7. Something to note here is that Park is one of the biggest sports celebrated celebrity in S. Korea. In his early 20’s during 2002 Worldcup, he’s the one who scored against Portugal. That was the first time ever for S. Korea to enter the 2nd round… which eventually led all the way to semi-finals. What makes players like Park and Yuna Kim so great is their humility and their love of the sport.

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