Fox Soccer Channel Impress With: The Greatest, The Contenders


For one reason or another, FSC have enjoyed a lot of headlines on EPL Talk lately. 2010 is already scheduled to be a massive year for the network that continues to provide footie fans the beautiful game with a variety of leagues on offer each week. We’re all anxiously waiting to turn on our TVs one morning only to miraculously experience the magic of full HD. After that moment, our lives instantly improve. Those eight hours stuck in a cubicle are now that much more bearable knowing that pristine, crystal-clear football await us at the end our our daily commute.

In preparation for the transfer over to HD, a new channel called Fox Soccer Plus and the 2010 World Cup, FSC have teamed up with Pitch International LLP to add a few quality programs that are definitely worth your time:

  • The Contenders – a 30 minute look at some of the major countries competing at this summer’s World Cup. The first few episodes covered Italy and Brazil with a half hour look at England set to air Monday night. The show takes a quick look at the history of the featured country in past competitions before a recap of the teams qualification, current squad and players to watch. It’s unclear how many episodes will air and what countries will feature. However, it would be nice for FSC to feature some of the smaller countries and African and Asian nations to prepare football fans for the World Cup.
  • The Greatest – Just the opening sequence gives me chills. I’ve been looking for a show like this to feature for some time. Soccer DVD’s are almost impossible to find in stores in the States and they’re not cheap to order online after shipping fees. The odd deal can be found, but to get a thorough look at some of the world’s greatest footballers from the comfort of your couch and from a channel you’re already paying for cannot be beaten. The Greatest recaps a players career from their start in youth squads, to each club they’ve played with, international career and all the fantastic highlights in between. Recent episodes have included the Brazilian Ronaldo and Ruud Gullit. While a recent hour long episode featured the likes of Ryan Giggs, Paolo Rossi, Dennis Law, Luis Figo, Bobby Moore, Kaka, Dino Zoff, Socrates, Steven Gerrard and many more in 1 to 2 minute segments. Highlights are interspersed with interviews from the likes of Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Alfredo di Stefano and Bobby Charlton. “In the weeks to come 25 more players are looked at in depth” – is how the show ends. It’s safe to say viewers are in for continued quality programing with more to come from The Greatest.

Passport to South Africa recently featured on FSC but has thus far eluded me and my DVR. If you’ve seen it, feel free to leave a comment giving myself and other readers an idea on what to expect. Also, stayed tuned to EPL Talk for all the latest developments from The Gaffer and others as FSC continues to grow in 2010.

13 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel Impress With: The Greatest, The Contenders”

  1. I really ejoyed these programs, espically The Greatest. Passport to South Africa hasnt debut yet but it will this Monday Night at I think 9 pm ET 8 pm CT

  2. I loved episode which covered Ronaldo. He was the reason I started watching the sport so it was great re-living some of his great moments. God he is such an awesome player. He is truely one of the greatest.

  3. The only negative is that it the programing guide on Comcast doesn’t tell you episode it is for the Greatest and The Contenders. It just simply says The Greatest and The Contenders. I don’t want to DVR every one just to find out I’m recording repeats.

  4. With “fox light”, er, I mean “soccer plus” about to launch, the network needs more original content like “the greatest” to make both channels “watchable”

    1. Agreed on your point that FSC needs to get more programming, brn442. What I would like to see Fox do is work out a deal with the Premiership and the company that has the rights to the Weekly Premiership Review Shows and run them in sequential order. Those clips are doing nothing but sitting in a vault somewhere in London and I am sure and would be invaluable in getting new fans of the game that sport will get after this Summers World Cup. Nothing would get over the history of the league, the players, and the stories better than those hour long highlight programs.

      Now that Fox has almost all the rights outside of the 7:30am game on Saturday Mornings there doesn’t seem to be a point to pick up MUTV or Chelsea TV packages unless they really want the classic content and reserve matches and such as filler.

      Would old Premiership Highlight Shows be something that readers of this site watch on a regular basis or would you rather see the new channel to be all about current content?

  5. I am pleased and impressed with The Greatest.This is the best gift I have ever recieved.Thank you very much.I would like to know where & how can we buy CDs or DVDs of all The Greatest? Thank you very much.

  6. They are always showing boring old match repeats from last season. No one wants to watch that outdated stuff! They really need some new shows and some decent women who know what they talking aboyt to make the channel watchable

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