Wynalda vs Donovan Cold War Continues


By now I am sure everyone has heard about Eric Wynalda’s comments towards noted Soccer hater and general sports trash monger Jim Rome. What had escaped me during the ordeal was Wynalda’s comments towards Landon Donovan that follows up nicely on the war of words on both sides we discussed here last week. Thanks to Bill E Shears at Odds and Sods for pointing out this priceless Waldo quote from Sportscenter last night:

“I don’t know if getting married is going to help him, but he has already been in a situation where I think a lot of the decisions he has been making have been about his personal life, about being happy, about being where he needs to be. He needs to make the decision whether he is going to be a guy playing soccer, or a soccer player. I want him to be a soccer player, because I know how good he is. And I want him to challenge himself, because there is nothing, in this country, that is going to challenge Landon Donovan any more.”

No response from Donovan as of yet, but Donovan responded harshly to Wynalda last week in a Dallas press conference and probably will do the same if pressed on this quote.


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