ITVN & Setanta Sports: Reader Feedback

I want to share a letter I received from one of the EPL Talk readers regarding Setanta Sports and its availability via ITVN. Thanks to Dave Morris for writing in.


I’m not fully informed on the relationship between FSC and Setanta, but my observation is: what a great value ITVN/Setanta is. In previous seasons, regular EPL Man Utd games would sometimes be on PPV – not “free” on FSC. That’s the side I follow, and while PPV is plain extortion, I was always happy to at least have an option of getting the match – $20 versus missing the game entirely? – I’ll pay.

In the pre-season, I was actually disappointed to learn that there would be no PPV package this year – that you had to get a sattelite channel to get the non-FSC matches. Imagine my surprise when I learned about ITVN – for less than one PPV match’s cost, I can get a month’s worth of Setanta – I don’t think I’ve missed a Man Utd league match since I signed up. Plus, so much extra coverage of Carling Cup, Champions League,… it’s the best $14.95 I ever spent. Clearly FSC is choosing which matches to move to PPV based on how many $$’s they can squeeze out of their audience, which is disappointing – but overall, I’m spending a lot less on PPV than ever before. You have to admit things are better.

Dave Morris
Richmond, VA

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