Opening Day Surprises in English Premiership


I’m glad I’m not a betting man. Otherwise, I would have lost some serious money today. Match by match, I expected Liverpool to cruise to victory against Sheffield United. I thought Arsenal would have convincingly defeated Villa. I expected Newcastle and Wigan to draw, and was convinced that Spurs would get an important away win against Bolton. The list goes on and on. Other than West Ham against Charlton, and Everton versus Watford, I was surprised at the results. What do you think this says about the Premiership? Was this purely a blip for the major teams, or did the results not accurately represent the play on the field? What was your opinion of the Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta coverage? What were today’s highpoints and lowpoints? Click on the comments link below and let us know.

10 thoughts on “Opening Day Surprises in English Premiership”

  1. Highlights: Reading and Portsmouth.

    Lowpoint: El-hadji Diouf. Should be fined. Put an end to this nonsense now while the season is young.

  2. So I signed up for Setanta a week ago, and what do you know — free weekend this weekend, I coulda saved some money. FWIW, DirecTV has very obviously given more bandwidth to Setanta than to FSC; the picture quality was night and day between the two (with Setanta being, err, “day”).

    If Diouf gets fined, fine Stevie Gerrard more — he stole two points from Sheffield with his dive.

  3. Here’s a couple thoughts. If you plan on watching a game on Setanta while recording a game on FSC, don’t plan on not knowing the score. Setanta breaks in with match updates for every score of all the other games. Also, understood that this was a free preview weekend on Direct TV, but was it necessary to scroll that message 10 times in a row to make the point during the action?

    I didn’t notice FSC giving away results of other games that would be shown later, except while watching the Reading game it was kind of annoying to read the final score on the scroll on the bottom of the screen, during the frantic final minutes of the game.

    But overall, loved watching the games and very glad I have Direct TV to watch both Setanta and FSC.

  4. First – I don’t think the Gerrard call was a dive. I think he lost his balance jumping over the defender. The ref blew the call, plain and simple. Liverpool got away with one, but Gerrard did not dive. Warnock has a right to be upset with the call, but don’t blame Stevie G.

    Second – Wow, is Reading a fun to watch! I hope they’re somewhat successful this season and can avoid relegation back down to the Coca-Cola League.

    Third – Did Tottenham play today? I didn’t see them. I saw Bolton, but no Spurs. Maybe they were unrecognizable in thier light teal shirts.

  5. I actually thought the Spurs played decent football…not to make excuses, but the first goal was a blown call by the ref and the second was dumb luck, a one in a thousand shot…my guess is Jol reinforces to the boys that they essentially played Bolton to a draw, so come back home and get three on Tuesday and get on with business

  6. I don’t like the FSC scrolling scoreboard updates. Too distracting and they gave away the scores of the Bundesliga matches I was taping off GolTV. If I want the scores, I’ll check the internet, thank you very much.

    I wish FSC would use the on-site commentators for the pre-game. I’m tired of listenting to people like Max Bretos and Nick Webster trying to explain football to me.

  7. Just a questions for all the
    pundits >>>>Where are all the Manu goals going to come from…..yes it fulahm but Arseanl and liverpool struggle with aston villa and sheffield united…

    a great weekend of footy..
    some upsets some exciting games…..i cnat believe it is only 48 hours to week 2

  8. United have much bigger midfield problems than forward problems; Saha, Smith, Rooney, Park, Ronaldo, Scholes, even Carrick will put plenty in; they really should have picked up Senna to give themselves a nasty D-mid presence again. Evra was class today.

  9. don’t have setanta and din’t see l’pool and man u today, but tottenham were the disappointment of the weekend…god almighty, they were awful, despite the bad non-call for the first goal and a strike out of nowhere for the second…bolton’s style basically kills football and berbatov was struggling to get the ball…davids holds the ball too much-he is getting old and even more useless…the other new signings didn’t impress…still-first game and hopefully jol will make the necessary adjustments…oh, one more thing-why is keane not starting and defoe is?

  10. where are united going to get the goals, indeed. i know its only week one, but i was saying last week that they would find a way to score without ruud. everyone said they couldnt replace him. well…5-1. manchester united is a better team without ruud. they play an exciting attacking brand of football now…they are top of the prem and will stay there till atleast december.

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