Manchester’s New Jersey Connection


The Manchester Derby could mean more this year for American fans

The start of the new EPL Campaign is just weeks away and today we saw firsthand that Claudio Reyna still has it as he scored the only goal in a 1-0 Man City win versus Bradford in a friendly. Across town however, it was another New Jersey native making news. Sir Alex Ferguson who has been taking bullets from departed striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy announced that Man Yoo is ready and willing to experiment with 18 year old New Jersey native Giuseppe Rossi up front. The problem for fans of the American game is that Rossi wants to play his international football for Italy and wants no part of the USA National Team. Considering Rossi is a possible Man Yoo starter at such a young age, chances are Italy will call him up soon for a full national cap and thus end our American dream.

I’m outright biased because I am a Man City fan ( I even got my new home kit with the white sleeves in the mail this week!) but it will be nice for those of us that love American soccer if Captain America and his squad can upset Man Yoo and Guiseppe ( US Soccer is not good enough for me) Rossi this year in the derby matches.

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