With Euro 2024 nearing, ticket sales are ramping up. With 24 teams competing, there will be a total of 51 games that fans can attend. That means more chances to see games or more fans coming out to fixtures. Reselling service Viagogo has been one of the services selling tickets to games and it has its thumb on who is selling tickets.

According to Viagogo, there is a surprise country buying more tickets than any other. In total, fans from 134 countries have bought tickets to Euro 2024. The leading nation in that statistic is the United States, which, according to the reselling service, has purchased 27% of all tickets to Euro 2024. That is more than even the host nation, Germany. The service claims Germans have only purchased 25% of tickets to the games.

There are several considerations for why the United States would be buying more tickets than any other. The United States is a fair international country, and there is a case for people from other nations to live across the Atlantic Ocean. Yet, Americans have a tendency to buy tickets in droves. At the 2022 World Cup, the United States ranked second in terms of countries to buy tickets to games. That was sparked by the USMNT’s return to the tournament. Yet, sporting attendance is something that is not exclusive to the United States.

Canada is also a major force when it comes to buying tickets. Viagogo reports that Canada has bought the third most tickets for Euro 2024 of all countries. Canada, like the United States, has several European connections, specifically England through the United Kingdom and France. Yet, it still ranks ahead of European power the Netherlands and Georgia, which is making its debut at a major international tournament.

Ticket sales for Euro 2024 jump in USA despite Copa America

The considerable number of fans from the United States going to Germany for Euro 2024 is surprising given the quality of soccer coming to the United States this summer. The highlight of that is the Copa America. The 16 best teams from North and South America are playing across the United States. That gives fans from around the country the chance to see top-level soccer.

The top buyers for those games will be the United States, as is the nature of hosting duties for a major international tournament. That is a consistent trend. Even the World Cup in Qatar had most of its tickets sold to those in the host nation. Having the European Championship sell most of its tickets to people in the United States is unprecedented.

Those who are not attending the tournament can watch the European Championship on FOX and Fox Sports 1. Also broadcasting the Copa America, FOX has sunrise-to-sunset coverage of both tournaments. FOX has already announced where it is broadcasting each game. That includes each contest in the group stage and knockout stage of the Euros this summer. World Soccer Talk will have further information from the tournament, including team previews and news and notes, as we get closer to kickoff on June 14.


Euro 2024

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