UEFA has reported that attendance for Euro 2024 could easily break records compared to previous editions of the competition. Throughout the two phases of ticket sales, UEFA received a record number of requests per ticket. The first phase was a general sale before the second phase of ticket sales became available to participating nations’ fans. In other words, the second phase of tickets ensured fans sat with like-minded supporters.

The general public made 20 million ticket requests in the first phase, while the second phase for specific nations was even higher. According to UEFA, there were 30 million ticket requests during the second phase of ticket sales. Therefore, before the 24-team field was set, there were over 50 million applications for tickets to games at Euro 2024. The games that drew the most ticket applications were the ones that most expected. The opening game in Munich, the Final in Berlin and the two semifinal fixtures in Munich and Dortmund drew the most requests.

Support at the tournament through the opening days has been impressive. Over 65,000 fans showed up to watch Germany’s demolition of Scotland in the opening fixture of the tournament in Munich. The Olympiastadion in Berlin, which is hosting the Final, welcomed over 68,000 fans for the game between Spain and Croatia. The number of fans in support will continue to rise, too.

UEFA has made 93,147 tickets available after the first and second phases of the selling process. Those come from stadium reconfigurations to make more seats available and ticket returns. UEFA adopted a new policy regarding reselling tickets, and 10,000 fans canceled their initial ticket purchases as a result of that. Fans who were unsuccessful in the initial ticket purchasing process had the first pick at newly available tickets.

Euro 2024 attendance will break records

If all the applications and purchases come to fruition, UEFA will break records with sell-outs at every contest. Unsurprisingly, such success will make Euro 2024 the most-attended tournament of its kind. The major reason for that is the quantity of games. With 24 teams competing, there are 51 games in the Euros. This is the third edition of that many teams competing. At Euro 2020, COVID restrictions across Europe made it a challenge for the tournament to muster massive audiences. Euro 2016 remains the tournament with the highest total attendance across games, as 2,427,303 fans made their way out to games.

As of now, UEFA has sold 2.3 million tickets to Euro 2024 contests, and that number could still climb. As stated, there are tickets still available because of cancelations and stadium reconfigurations. Should UEFA sell those and make other changes, Euro 2024 can break the total attendance record for the European Championship.

For those in the United States who will not be attending, FOX has coverage of the majority of the UEFA Euro 2024 games. Games are airing on FOX and Fox Sports 1, with a select few games in the group stage also available exclusively on streaming service Fubo.


Euro 2024

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