Qatar 2022 is here. The World Cup that has been littered with controversy since way before the bidding process was complete is about to be played.

But some things are like clockwork when it comes to the World Cup every four years. There are the soccer TV commercials from Nike. The new kits. The new stadiums are ready. People know the squads. We’ve seen what the opening video looks like before World Cup games on TV. And, now the television companies have produced their adverts.

In what has become a treasure trove of soccer nostalgia, each broadcaster produces trailers for a World Cup. And this year, the world’s top television stations have released their trailers for the World Cup. However, which one is the best?

Below we rank the five best World Cup trailers from 2022

5. Telemundo (United States)

As World Cup trailers go, this isn’t the best one. Aside from producing an annoying soundtrack of various Spanish-language media personalities yelling ‘QATAR’ over and over, there wasn’t any real soccer footage.

How can you get people excited about a tournament without showing any historical moments?

Because of this, the whole concept was flawed and build around this idea that shouting ‘QATAR’ is going to somehow be memorable and catchy. The problem is that it doesn’t capture the essence of the tournament. For this reason the trailer does little to excite me.

Qatar won the tournament in controversial circumstances and their human rights record and LGBT inclusivity policies are horrific to a western audience. Why, then, would you focus your entire trailer on Qatar rather than the fútbol itself?

4. JioCinema (India)

JioCinema’s offering in India is an interesting trailer. Whilst it isn’t as egregiously ignorant as Telemundo’s trailer, it doesn’t present much in the way of content.

Firstly, famous players due to feature at the tournament are depicted as puppets playing soccer. It’s fun and the design of them is crudely enjoyable.

Furthermore the coloring of the trailer isn’t great, it won’t necessarily entice younger viewers. Nevertheless this is a fun-filled attempt at advertising the World Cup.

3. TyC Sports (Argentina)

One of the heavyweight trailers for the 2022 World Cup comes from TyC Sports in Argentina.

This production brilliantly captures the essence of what watching a World Cup is all about. It is communal.

At no other time of the year can you come together in workplaces, schools and public spaces to watch a game of football where everyone is rooting for the same team.

TyC’s effort shows the collective joy that can be found by supporting Argentina in a World Cup. Those positive feelings are instantly transmitted to the viewer. It builds anticipation for the tournament in your own mind. You want to celebrate with your work colleagues, your friends etc. As a result, TyC presents the crux of what football is about and it does it expertly well.

2. ITV Sport (England)

ITV Sport only just surpass TyC’s effort in my opinion. This is because of its use of classic tournament highlights.

Evidently, nothing gets you excited for a World Cup more than seeing historic moments.

For the soccer nerds among us, ITV offers clips of their own classic broadcasting moments from previous World Cups.

We see a young Ian Wright alongside British broadcasting treasuring Jim Rosenthal from France 98. The point of this advert is to remind people of the classic moments ITV Sport has given us in England.

1. Globo TV (Brazil)

Of course, there isn’t a more fervent footballing fanbase than Brazil’s. Globo TV’s advert encapsulates this passion perfectly.

It delivers on every checkmark that Telemundo missed. It celebrates the Selecao’s illustrious history in the World Cup.

There are clips of Pele scoring as a teenage wonderkid, there are images of Ronaldo completing his career comeback with a brace in the 2002 World Cup final. In fact, this trailer has everything.

There is even a clip of Dennis Bergkamp scoring that wonderful goal against Argentina in 1998, which definitely wasn’t included as a dig at their fierce South American rivals… honest.

As far as World Cup television trailers go, this is the benchmark for Qatar 2022. It is fantastic in its simplicity.

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