Paramount+ is offering a limited time code that allows users to have savings in the winter. This is especially notable due to the fact that club soccer, which Paramount+ heavily features, is back right at the turn of the year.

For example, Serie A’s first game back from the World Cup break is Jan. 4. Just a week later, Coppa Italia is back in action for the major Italian domestic cup. Each game in both of those competitions is available exclusively through Paramount+.

Also, the UEFA club competitions, namely the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League, return in February. This is the biggest draw on Paramount+. Many of the top players in the World Cup this year compete in the Champions League, and there are some tasty matchups in early February. PSG plays Bayern in a rematch of the 2020 Champions League Final. Plus, Liverpool faces Real Madrid in a game that mirrors the 2022 Champions League Final.

Paramount+ offering winter savings this month

To watch those competitions, you need Paramount+ in the United States. However, there is a way to get 50% off an annual subscription to the service.

Use the code “ALLYEAR” when subscribing for a half-price subscription to Paramount+.

Use code “ALLYEAR”

50% off Champions League, Serie A, NWSL + More

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Note that this offering is only for annual plans. Still, the annual option on Paramount+ is $49.99. You can get half price on that if you use the code “ALLYEAR”.

Also, this is a limited time offer. The winter savings on Paramount+ expires December 31. Fittingly, this is just before the competitions return to action.

Even if you already have a subscription to Paramount+, as most soccer fans in the United States likely do, it is a good time to re-up. The monthly option on Paramount+ is $4.99. In that regard, you are practically paying for five months, but getting 12, if you use the code ALLYEAR on an annual plan.

Moreover, there are musings that Paramount+ is raising its subscription price in the near future. ESPN+ is now at $9.99 after its latest price increase. Therefore, users should jump on the winter savings from Paramount+ while the offer is still there.

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