Serie A is reportedly looking to significantly boost international broadcasting revenue in the coming years via future rights. In fact, Reuters claims the Italian league wants to triple its current income in this area by 2030.

Recently, the Italian top flight raked in about $657 million in television rights outside of the country between 2021-2024. While this is certainly a large chunk of change, it does not exactly compare to other top European leagues. For example, the English Premier League reportedly generated nine times this amount during a similar timeframe.

Paramount+, through CBS Sports, currently holds broadcasting rights to Serie A games in the United States. The three-year deal runs until 2024. Reportedly, it cost the company around $220 million.

Earlier this year, Serie A opened offices in New York City. The move is an attempt to help grow the league here Stateside. Officials are also supposedly eyeing similar developments in London and Abu Dhabi as well.

Future Serie A rights rising in price

Luigi De Siervo, the league’s chief executive, reportedly claimed international broadcasting packages could exceed $1 billion during next round of negotiations. He also hopes these figures could potentially approach $2 billion by the 2027-2030 cycle.

Domestically, Serie A officials could be set to see an increase in television revenue. As the current $2.9 billion rights package expires in 2024, the league hopes to increase these figures to around $3.2 billion for the next period. These revenues could possibly hit $3.4 billion between 2027-2030.

Reuters is also reporting that Serie A could potentially create a new company with the sole responsibility to handle these broadcasting negotiations. Similar moves have already taken place in Spain’s LaLiga and France’s Ligue 1. This opens the door for private firms looking to invest in the league’s development.

The Italian league attempted to broker a similar deal last year; however, some clubs objected to the idea. Nevertheless, there will be a meeting with every Serie A club on Friday to discuss these broadcasting plans.