MLS Season Pass subscriptions are near to reaching its first major milestone, according to MLS sources who spoke to the Seattle Times newspaper.

To date, Apple and Major League Soccer have been resistant to sharing any metrics about the number of people who have signed up for MLS Season Pass subscriptions. As with many other streaming services, media companies are reluctant to share data unless the numbers are very positive. However, new information would lead us to believe that MLS and Apple are making progress with how many people are using MLS Season Pass.

Ever since MLS signed its deal with Apple, MLS Commissioner Don Garber made sure to point out that the $250 million per year deal was the base. Apple and MLS had agreed a bonus structure whereby MLS would get additional revenue based on the number of signups to the streaming subscription service.

According to the Seattle Times, MLS sources confirmed that Apple is nearing that first milestone to begin revenue sharing. That is welcome news for the league and media giant.

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MLS Season Pass subscriptions still a secret

Apple pulling in enough to meet its initial benchmark on subscriptions is a positive step for the league. For instance, the latest development of Lionel Messi signing for MLS has certainly helped increase subscriptions in recent weeks.

The Seattle Times spoke to Sounders’ President of Business Operations Hugh Weber about the change to the streaming world. He said that people, even if they do not fit the traditional technological demographic, are adjusting to the streaming of MLS.

“The vast majority of our season-ticket members have signed up with their subscription and are using it,” said Weber. “There was a segment of our fan base that was used to watching it traditionally, for sure, but they’re slowly learning new habits.”

There are several ways to get MLS Season Pass for a discounted price. For example, MLS Season Pass is available for a discounted price of $49.99 for the rest of the season, which will include all of Lionel Messi’s games for Inter Miami. Plus, MLS Season Pass is available for free to all MLS season ticket holders.

From here on, for Apple and MLS, the only way is up.

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