Major League Soccer has announced that MLS games are available in bars and restaurants across the United States of America and Canada as the new season kicks off on February 25, 2023.

Thanks to Apple’s MLS Season Pass, DIRECTV Business will cover the action from the new season over 300,000 locations, including restaurants, bars, hotel lounges, and several other venues.

The action is set to be delivered through DIRECTV’s existing satellite equipment.

Fans in Canada CAN WATCH TOO

Fans in Canada, meanwhile, can enjoy the action thanks to Pay TV, which will also be offering MLS Season Pass to commercial establishments in order to make sure that fans won’t be missing out on the action that features Canadian clubs.

For those who would be watching in the comfort of their homes, MLS Season Pass on Apple TV has every single game of the season through 2032.

Fans will now be able to access a wide variety of content that will include the history of the league and will also feature hundreds of MLS Next Pro and MLS NEXT games throughout the campaign.

This season is set to be the first of MLS’ 10-year partnership with Apple. The tech giant has paid $2.5 billion to acquire the rights to show every MLS match worldwide.

The MLS Season Pass on the Apple TV app can also be accessed on handheld Apple devices, gaming consoles, the Apple TV website as well as smart TVs, streaming devices, and set-top boxes.

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However, if you don’t want to watch MLS games available in bars, you can watch from the comfort of your own home. MLS talking heads such as Alexi Lalas continue to evangelize that the league has more parity than other competitions. However, when it comes to television broadcasts on the network he works for, there is no parity. Instead, as the only MLS television broadcaster left standing, FOX Sports has their favorites. For instance, when it comes down to the number of times each MLS team is on TV, several teams are left out with no national broadcasts for the MLS 2023 season.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Panthermedia