You can watch the majority of the Premier League games for far less than cable, and less than many streaming services. The key is Peacock, the streaming service from NBCUniversal that includes exclusive Premier League games and some simulcasts of matches. Many Premier League fans already have it. If they don’t, there is always added incentive to subscribe.

Put bluntly, Peacock can provide access to as many as six Premier League games each matchday, and five of those could be exclusive to the paid platform. Note that Peacock does not have coverage of every Premier League game. There tend to be four or five games on USA Network each weekend, which are not simulcast on Peacock. However, one of those is usually the Saturday 10am-Noon ET game, which you can see the action from on Goal Rush, the Premier League whiparound show available via Peacock.

For the games that are exclusive to USA Network that you can’t watch on Peacock, local pubs or restaurants tend to have these games on from USA Network. In that case, you still do not need a cable or streaming platform to watch the Premier League. You can simply bounce over to your local hangout to watch a game and have bite to eat and a drink.

That being said, Peacock itself has coverage of most games.

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How the majority of the Premier League games are available for cheap

Let’s start with any given Saturday. If all 20 teams in the Premier League are playing, there are 10 games. Generally, there is a 7:30 a.m. ET kickoff that is on USA Network. However, in the past, this game has been on Peacock exclusively at times.

Then, in the 10 a.m. window, there are between four and five kickoffs. One of those is always on USA Network, generally involving teams that are popular in the United States. The other three or four games are always exclusive to Peacock. Plus, this is when Goal Rush airs. The whip-around show has coverage of every single game, but focuses on one. There is a chance this could be the game on USA Network, too.

Then, at 12:30 p.m. ET, those games tend to go on NBC. Any game on NBC is simulcast on Peacock. Depending on how many games are on Saturday, there are around three games on Sunday and a potential Monday clash. One of the Sunday games is usually on Peacock, as there tend to be two during the 9 a.m. kickoff window.

By the end of it, you can bank on around seven or eight of the 10 games airing on Peacock.

Again, Peacock at just $4.99 per month, makes watching the Premier League almost just as valuable as watching leagues exclusive to Paramount+ or ESPN+.

Editor’s note: Among the upcoming games that are exclusive to Peacock, they include the biggest game of the season when Manchester City plays Arsenal on Wednesday, April 26.

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