You can watch a new one-of-a-kind soccer streaming channel from CBS Sports called Golazo Network. Featuring magazine shows, live broadcasts of matches and a morning show called Morning Footy, expectations are high for the CBS Sports Golazo Network.

The best part for fans is that CBS Sports Golazo Network is available to watch in plenty of different ways. That includes a free option, and also available via streaming channels that many soccer fans in the United States may already have.

Soccer fans can watch the 24/7 soccer channel as soon as April 11, 2023. Here is how they can access it to see all of its offerings.

How to watch CBS Sports Golazo Network

The most affordable way to watch CBS Sports Golazo network is through the CBS Sports website or app. On both, there is no subscription required to watch. For website users, here are the steps.

  1. Go to Paramount+.
  2. There will be options for what you want to watch. Select CBS Sports Golazo Network.

Similar steps apply to the CBS Sports app on available devices. That can be smart phones, smart TVs, tablets and streaming devices. The CBS Sports app is widely available, similar to the ESPN app or the FOX Sports app.

Other streaming options

Keeping the theme on free options for how to watch CBS Sports Golazo Network, Pluto TV is one of the homes of the channel. Pluto is a free to use streaming provider that has hundreds of live TV channels. Among those is CBS Sports Golazo Network.

What this means is that, although live matches will not be super common, there will be live soccer streams available for free on Pluto TV. Pluto used to broadcast some Major League Soccer games and content. However, the move to Apple canceled that out.

Finally, and likely the most familiar option to soccer fans, is Paramount+.

Recommended Viewing Option

Includes: Champions League, Europa League, Serie A, NWSL, Argentine Primera, Brasileirão, Scottish Premiership, Women's Super League, & More
7-Day Free Trial

At $4.99 per month, Paramount+ is still affordable, albeit not as easy as these other options. CBS Sports Golazo Network will be part of the live channel lineup on the platform. This also makes it seamless to watch Paramount+’s live soccer coverage.

Morning Footy, the morning show that airs every weekday from 7-9AM ET debuts April 11, 2023. While a good idea in concept, we have some doubts whether Morning Footy will appeal to fans of world soccer given the fact that the talent hired are MLS focused.